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If you are searching for the perfect barber school, you have come to the right place. There are many barber schools to choose from throughout the United States and Canada. Choose a state below to get a list of barber colleges near you. Once you have found one or more barber colleges in which you are interested, simply click "Request Info" to contact the barbering school directly. The school will contact you shortly to help you start down the path to becoming a barber.

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Developing the skills to perform shaving and grooming services takes hands-on training from experienced professionals. This ‘old school’ career in beauty is on a comeback, as men’s styles become both more popular and more complex. Not to mention, men are steering towards stylists who specialize in men’s cuts.

We are here to help you compare your options for barber training. And while you’re here, why not see how barbering curriculum compares to cosmetology or hair design programs, in case you might want to expand your skills? Of course, there are many opportunities for students who want to purse careers that focus only on men’s styles.

Whether you are looking for information about barbering programs or the employment outlook, we have you covered. Just use the search functions on our site to quickly view your options.

Where Are The Best Barber Schools Near Me?

Do you want to own your own barbershop, or work at a shop in your area? If you already have a vision for how you can transform your barber shop into the neighborhood hot spot, what are you waiting for? Working as a barber can give you a chance to connect with your community, make new friends, and start lifelong client relationships.

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How can your barber school options result in the best career outcomes?

After you receive information about your options for barber training, compare the curriculum between schools. Of course, cost and other factors will weigh your decision as well. But your course topics should cover all the essential areas where state licensure is concerned.

For instance, without the proper health and safety courses, you might risk getting fined, or your license suspended. And without learning grooming and shaving skills, your barbering toolbox would be incomplete, right?  

It’s smart to think long-term when you choose the best barber school program.

Sure, it’s nice to get employable skills in the least amount of time, but what if a program that takes a few months longer can prep you to open the doors of your own shop? You know, the one you’ve been daydreaming about?

Some barber programs can give you business skills in the areas of accounting, contracts, and tips for opening your own shop. There is a big difference between working for yourself and working in a shop with other barbers.

Question: Do You Need To Earn Your Barbering License?

The answer to the ‘how long is barber school’ question really depends on your state’s barber licensing requirements. Many states require barbers complete a program that includes between 1,200 and 1,500 hours of education and training. Plus, you will likely have to pass an exam administered by your state’s cosmetology or barbering licensing board.

Of course, earning your barber’s license is just the beginning. From there, make sure you understand the renewal requirements and fees. Many states require professional barbers to complete continuing education courses in-between renewal periods. Consequently, making sure you maintain licensure is essential to working professionally.

Some quick facts about barber school training…

Barbering programs typically last anywhere from 12-15 months. Consequently, plan on spending around 30-40 hours per week either in class or studying.

Some schools will offer opportunities of standard forms of financial aid. This can include federal or private loans, scholarships and grants, or work study programs. As a result, you’ll need to figure out a sensible budget and plan for paying for your barber school training. Treat this step like a priority, and you will save yourself plenty of stress while you are in school.

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