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Keratin: The Life Changing Hair Treatment

Posted on: November 2nd, 2010 by Beauty Schools Directory 3 Comments

kertain-treatmentPeople all over the country are raving about the new “miracle” in hair care—keratin treatments.  Have you heard of it?  For people with unruly, frizzy, or curly hair, or hair that’s easily affected by rain and humidity, this treatment promises to smooth hair; leaving it sleek, shiny and weatherproof.  Although this sounds like an easy way to a good hair day, this treatment does cost a pretty penny.  A treatment that lasts about 2 ½ months will cost you about $300 if not more, depending on where you live.

So what is a Keratin treatment?

Keratin, a protein that is found naturally in your hair, is used to fill in dry, cracked hair cuticles in a Keratin treatment.  The treatment is mixed with small amounts of formaldehyde, applied to the hair and then the hair is sealed with a flat iron.  After the treatment, individuals are instructed to not wash their hair for three to four days to allow the solution to set in.  The result is smooth, shiny hair—even for people with naturally course, curly tresses!

Although some have raised questions about how safe formaldehyde is, most companies say they put in only trace amounts of the chemical in their solutions.  Formaldehyde is a chemical with a strong, irritating odor that is believed to be carcinogenic.  Be sure to ask your cosmetologist about the amount of formaldehyde in your Keratin treatment.  High levels are dangerous and should be avoided. Any treatment with less than two percent of the chemical, however, won’t be effective and isn’t worth your money.

So who is a good candidate for a Keratin treatment? Many people with course, frizzy hair that is difficult to work with in humid climates find the treatment highly effective, but cosmetologists say the treatment is beneficial for almost anyone.  Even if you already have straight hair, Keratin is able to be a strengthening and restorative treatment.

People continue to praise this “life-changing” hair treatment.  But the cost and safety of the product is important to consider.  Have any of you tried a Keratin treatment?  Leave us some feedback about the results—good or bad!

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3 Responses

  1. Keratin is really a great hair treatment because keratin is naturally a part of hair. It can repair hair, seal in moisture, and do wonders for strengthening!

  2. Tiki says:

    I have been using Pure NV keratin treatment for about a year. The results have been amazing. However, now I am concerned about the formaldehyde issue. My stylist swears she uses the formaldehyde-free version that doesn’t last as long but I’m still not convinced. When she applies it my nose is irritated. I hate to stop getting the treatments because it works so well.

  3. Alex Makarov says:

    - I’m a pretty known hair stylist in Boca Raton Fl, And I use the Natura Organic Hair Treatment System. I think it’s absolutely the best in the market. It leaves outstanding results and even after the treatment has washed away it will leave your hair in a way healthier condition then it was before. Not to mention its certified organic by the FDA. Its best to do the treatment within 72 hours of dying your hair because the product can more deeply penetrate the hair cuticle. You start off by deeply washing the hair with the Natura Clarifying Shampoo to remove all the natural residues from the hair. Then, you towel dry the hair so that is 70% dry leaving it damp, and apply the Natura Organic Keratin Treatment to the damp hair a half inch from the scalp. Leave it in for 15 min, Blow dry 100% dry with medium heat not high so you don’t seal the product before ironing, Then you proceed to flat iron the hair at 450 degrees Fahrenheit in order to seal the keratin onto the hair, with a 48 hour period your client should refrain from any hair restraints what so ever, and should also wait to wash the hair for a period of 72 hours.