If there's one thing we know, it's that people are always going to come up with creative ways to make a beauty statement.

We have feathers, we have lobe stretching, and now we have a hot new way to add some temporary color to your locks: hair chalking.

In case you haven't watched the how-to video above, here's how it goes:

  • Nab some colored chalk. You can use sidewalk chalk, but we've found you get more vibrant results using soft chalk pastels like the ones artists use. We've got some links below to show you what we mean.
  • You either soak your chalk in water or wet down small sections of your hair.
  • You rub the chalk product into those sections.
  • If you're using pastels, then you just need to set it with heat. If you use a more traditional kind of chalk, then hairspray it down before you style.

And that's...about it. Hair chalking is that easy and that low-commitment, which is probably why it's kicking up in popularity. Feel like going wild and crazy tonight? Don some blue or hot pink streaks and then wash it all out in the shower the next day. Switch up the colors as often as you want or need. Color just the tips or entire lock lengths or maybe just your bangs. Who doesn't love a hair trend that allows so much room for not just creativity but also variability?

What do you guys think? Have you tried hair chalking? Or are you sick of the flash-in-the-pan hair trends and think we just need to get back to basics already?