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Beauty School Marketing Group Scholarship Winner – Anna Gailis

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Anna Gailis

We asked scholarship winner, Anna Gailis to share with us a little bit about her interest in the cosmetology world and how she feels her schooling is going so far.  She shares with us the challenges and rewards of attending beauty school and her hopes for the future!  Thank you Anna!

I’ve always been interested in the beauty industry.  Since I was little I cut my own hair (not recommended at age 6), I cut my Barbies’ hair.  I couldn’t pass up a new barrette or brush, curling irons and hair dryers.  Trips to the salon were always learning experiences for me to watch and see what all the other women were getting done. In high school we did the tour of the trade school in the cosmetology department and I fell completely in love with the idea of doing hair for real.  But something in the back of my head said I was supposed to follow the path that was more expected of me-go to college, get a degree.  So cosmo day dreams got left behind and I went off to college.  That didn’t pan out either.  Life happened and before I knew it I was working an office job, married with two kids.

And with those two kids, that love of doing hair naturally translated into me cutting their hair over the years.  Last year, in the spring, I colored my youngest son’s hair for the first time and tried a new (new to me) cutting style on my older son. Both styles turned out pretty good for this amateur. Then I was cutting the eldest again in the summer and he casually asked, “Mom, have you ever considered doing this for a living?”  Well, with all the day to day living cosmetology was just playing with hair and I’d put all thoughts of a career away in a box in the back of my mental closet way back in high school. Until that moment I had completely forgotten I had ever considered going into the beauty industry.  So, I told my son the story I just told you and about a week later started looking in my area for schools with schedules that would allow me to go part time and still be able to maintain my current full-time job.

What program are you going through?

I found Regency Beauty Institute in Columbus, OH.  I am currently attending classes there in the Cosmetology program and I love it!

What has been the most challenging part of your schooling so far?

The most challenging part of my schooling so far had been finger waves but since I have moved out of workshop and onto the clinic floor I have found that I get way more nervous than I ever expected to with the individual clientele that comes in.  I want to do everyone’s hair well and have them feeling fabulous when they leave and I didn’t realize tense that could make me!  I’ve had to learn to relax more and just be myself.

What do you think has been the most beneficial part of your schooling so far?

The most beneficial part of my schooling so far is definitely my instructors.  I have two of the best! Between the two of them there are over 40 years of experience and skill.  They work well together and balance each other.  One just loves cutting hair and the other excels at hair color.  And they love to share what they know.  They’ve both also been a great source of encouragement to me and all of my fellow students.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the benefit I’ve gotten from going to school with all different types of girls with their own sets of knowledge too.  I’ve learned a lot just from my fellow students  beauty enthusiasts.

What aspect of your schooling do you think will help you the most in the “real world”?

Even though I’ve only been in school for a short time I feel like I’m already gaining real world experience.  I think, for me, being able to deal with all the different personalities of the clientele is the biggest plus.  Until now most of the hair I’ve ever done has been my own or my children’s. That’s very limiting especially when you consider how easy it is to visually see in your every day life that peoples styles and tastes are diverse.  It’s a little different when you are the one helping to create those styles and implement those tastes!  It’s always challenging and even sometimes intimidating but I’m getting the chance to make sure I’m really listening to what my clients are seeking and learning the tried and true ways to do the basics as well as some tricks to do some of the little extras people request. It’s a lot of fun! Seeing the way a shop is generally run, sometimes juggling walk-ins with already scheduled appointments, learning all the governmental guidelines and how it all fits together are all valuable real world lessons I’m learning too.

When are you planning on graduating? What do you plan after graduation? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Graduation is about a year off for me, late May of 2016. I hope, after graduation, to find a necessarily part-time position while I build my client base and get my managers license after a year.  My next step would then be to find a booth to rent until I am able to put a shop in my own home.  After 10 years I hope to be living in Florida working my salon out of my home and being able to donate my skills to those in need.

Sports Clips & VFW Help a Hero Scholarship

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Beginning in 2007, Sports Clips partnered with the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Operation Uplink, providing free phone calls for deployed and hospitalized service members. Over $2 million has been contributed by Sports Clips, and more than two million calls have been made possible.

Now, in addition to continuing to support Free Call Days, Sports Clips and the VFW are sponsoring the Help a Hero Scholarship. Sports Clips has set a fundraising goal of $575,000 for the program this year, running from October 14 through Veterans’ Day November 11. Sports Clips is also the official haircutter of the VFW.

VFW Commander-in-Chief Bill Thien stated, “This scholarship program is an important addition to the troop support offerings the VFW provides. Through it, we look forward to helping many service members succeed in the next chapter of their lives.”

Hundreds of thousands of service veterans enter the workforce every year, facing many obstacles during their transition back to civilian life. Education and career opportunities are often some of the biggest challenges. Each Help a Hero Scholarship will provide up to $5000 in financial assistance to veterans who want to further their education during or after their military service. Donations are being accepted at Sports Clips locations nationwide as well as online.

On Veteran’s Day, November 11, Sports Clips will host the biggest haircut day in history. Many locations will offer free haircuts to active duty and veteran service members with valid proof of service. Civilians can make their haircut count, too, by getting a Sports Clips cut on Veterans’ Day. The chain will donate $1 from every hair care service to the scholarship program.

Applications for the Help a Hero Scholarship are being accepted through November 15, 2013 for the Spring 2014 semester. The deadline for applications for the Fall 2014 semester is April 30, 2014. Scholarships are awarded directly to the college or trade school.

Applicants must be retired, honorably discharged, active duty or a member of the National Guard or Reserve. They must have completed Basic Training and follow-up training such as AIT, Technical School, etc. Qualified applicants will have a rank of E-5 or below and demonstrate the need for financial assistance. They must participate in, be currently enrolled in or accepted to a VA-approved school or program at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Sports Clips Founder and CEO Gordon Logan, a US Air Force veteran and lifetime VFW member stated, “We look forward to helping service members as they come home and transition into civilian careers through these scholarships.” Sports Clips has also been named one of the Top Franchises for Veterans.

Nail School Scholarship Winner Emily Jetvig – Final Interview

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We checked in with Emily Jetvig, the April 2013 winner of the nail school scholarship from She just finished her nail technician training program at Salon Professional Academy in Fargo, North Dakota and loved her school and instructors!


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Beauty Schools Directory: You recently graduated from nail school. Are there options to graduate sooner?Emily Jetvig: We worked ahead of time. All of the girls in my class did. I think there’s a couple that are still going, but I came in on Mondays and I did extra hours on Fridays and Saturdays so I could get done a little sooner. And I’m all done.

Beauty Schools Directory: What is graduation like?

Emily Jetvig - Nail Scholarship Winner

Jetvig: Since there was only four in my class, we just had a little ceremony, and we just had our parents come in. They gave us a mock diploma. We’ll get the real thing on Friday when we go take our practical exam.

Beauty Schools Directory: What did you enjoy most about nail school?

Jetvig: Well, for one thing I learned how to make fancy flappers now. That was really fun. Yeah, it was really easy, just like five dots with the dotting tool, five smaller dots with the colored. It looked amazing and I was so happy. I loved learning how to do acrylics. I’ve never had fake nails before, I’ve never seen anyone do fake nails before, and it was a lot of fun to do it. I’m actually going to practice on my mom this week because she’s going to be my model for boards. My first favorite thing there was shellac. That was just the best. I even saved up all of my tips and I got a shellac machine. I got the light, I got base coat, top coat, and I got one color and I have it on my toes right now. And I did some fun shimmery stuff with the brush and it looked really cool.

Beauty Schools Directory: Are you ready for your board exams?

Jetvig: That’s what I’m going to register for either today or tomorrow. Our teacher showed us how we can do it online, and we just take it right there at the Fargo Jet Center. So it’s just pretty close. You can even register the day before you want to do it. I’m not going to do that, but it’s pretty nice that it’s convenient.

Beauty Schools Directory: What are you doing to prepare for the licensing exams?

Jetvig: Well, for the practical we did one prep last Tuesday during our last class time. So I know how it’s going to go, and I’m going to practice a few times on my mom to practice the acrylic nail and going through the whole manicure just to make sure I’ve got every step down. And then, for the written and the law test I have the law book and I have a small book that came with our textbook. It should have a whole bunch of questions from the tests that we took. Our teacher said it’s very similar to what the written test will be like. So I’m going to go through that and on a separate sheet of paper take the test so that I can take it a few times until I get good results. But mostly, it seemed pretty easy. The diseases that have to do with nails, that was the hardest chapter, so I’ll focus on that a lot.

Beauty Schools Directory: Did you learn everything you hoped to learn in nail school?

Jetvig: Getting the experience with full spa pedicures and everything, that was great. Actually giving a pedicure was my second favorite thing to do after shellac. And I know a lot of the other girls are like, “Eww feet?” And I’m like. “Yeah, it’s fun!”

Beauty Schools Directory: What was the most surprising thing you learned in nail school?

Jetvig: I wasn’t really expecting to like pedicures so much, honestly. The whole reason I got into it was that I love the nail art sort of thing. And we don’t really do too much of that at school. And before we got into it I was thinking, “Eww, pedicures?” But it was a lot of fun because you get to talk with people and you’re not like right up next to them like you are during a manicure so it’s not quite as awkward. And then you can just chat with people. One time the person I had for a pedicure was my first grade teacher’s mom.

Beauty Schools Directory: Was there anything especially difficult?

Jetvig: Acrylics was kind of hard, learning how to do it. We would watch these videos of these people doing crazy stuff with it, like these colors and these designs, and then we start just doing the simple pink and white manicure with the acrylics and it was hard. I’m still having trouble keeping the top part from being a little bit lifted on the side. So that’s something I’m really going to be practicing this week.

Beauty Schools Directory: What were you looking for in a nail technician school?

Jetvig: I wanted one where I knew I would be well-rounded, like you do everything, the acrylics, the shellac, the regular manicures, and pedicures. And at the Salon Professional Academy they do full spa manicures and pedicures, meaning they do the scrub as a part, a standard part of it, and a massage as a standard part of it. It’s not like an add-on that you pay for. And then they also offer the mask and paraffin. So I wanted to make sure that I went somewhere where they included a lot of different things so that I don’t go somewhere and then they expect me to know what something is and I have no idea. And I definitely wanted to go somewhere where I would be well-prepared for the exams. So when we went there and my parents and I were asking them questions, the admissions person, we were asking them questions about like, “How will I know where to go next? And how to get my license?” And all that. And we made sure that they were going to give me everything I needed to get there and to register for all of those things and to prepare for it.

Beauty Schools Directory: Would you advise others to take someone with them to tour the school?

Jetvig: Dad was asking things like how to get certified afterwards. I wouldn’t have asked that! I would’ve just assumed, “Oh, that’ll just happen.” But dad was the one who asked, “How does she do this? And then who will tell her what step to take after this part for getting out there, getting a job, getting ready?” So yeah, definitely a dad who has logic and a business sense in their head.

Beauty Schools Directory: What are your plans for after graduation?

Jetvig: Well, I just finished typing up a resume last night, and it actually doesn’t look too terrible. So I want to find a place where I can work part-time. And I don’t know if that means just weekends or if it means weekends and a few times in the evenings during the week. Or maybe Fridays because I have Fridays off because I still have to finish my senior year at MSUM, but I definitely want to start at a salon. I really want to get going. It was a lot of fun working with clients. It was so much fun. I want to keep going with that.

Beauty Schools Directory: Any tips on how future nail tech students can be successful?

Jetvig: Definitely try to be available for anything. When you’re in school or if you’re working with a client, sometimes someone will want you to try something and maybe you don’t feel comfortable doing it, but you’re in school, try it anyway. And ask people for help. For example, one of my classmates was having trouble with some acrylic nails for this lady who came in for a fill, and one of the teachers came over and just talked her through it step-by-step. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. Just ask for help and just be open to doing whatever it is because that’s what you’re there for.

Beauty Schools Directory: How has the $2,500 scholarship helped you achieve your career goal?

Jetvig: Well, it basically almost paid for the whole thing and that was really, really nice because I just saw another bill for Mayo [Clinic] and that was huge. So it definitely, definitely helped me go to nail school right now and get everything paid for. Thank you so much for helping me out here and getting me going on this. This is awesome. I love it.

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Esthetics Scholarship Winner Brenda Corona – Second Interview

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We checked in with Brenda Corona, the October 2012 winner of the esthetics school scholarship from She is halfway through her skin care training program at Dermal Science International Aesthetics academy in Reston, VA and loving her school and instructors!


Beauty Schools Directory: How’s esthetics school going?

Brenda Corona: It’s really good, I like it.  It’s really fun.  Well, right now we’re exactly halfway done and I think they’re going to speed it up so we’re going to be done even sooner because they’re going to add more hours or something like that.  So, I’m excited for that.  In two weeks we’re going to start doing the make up and I’m really excited for that.  I’m like “Yay.”  So that should be really fun.

Beauty Schools Directory: What have you enjoyed most about being in esthetics school so far?

Brenda Corona: I like learning about the skin and how everything works but I actually like, you know, actually putting hands on and doing everything and now we’re like getting clients, of course, you know, with an instructor in there and she guides us through what we’re doing.  I like to get my hands on in stuff and that’s fun.

Beauty Schools Directory: What kinds of services are you offering clients?

Brenda Corona: We do just basic; we’re not waxing yet.  We just do facials, like, just basic facials and exfoliating, and just cleansing and just stuff like that but the instructor is always there with us. If we need anything, she’ll be there to help us and guide us if anything we’re doing is wrong.  So, it’s only been a couple weeks and we do back facials as well so it’s good, it’s fine.


Beauty Schools Directory: Are you learning what you had hoped to learn in esthetics school?

Brenda Corona: Actually, I’m learning more than what I was expecting.  Once you’re going into it you know exactly all the stuff that you’re going to be learning.  So I’m glad that I’m learning more than what I expected, not less than what I was going for.

Beauty Schools Directory: What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned in esthetics school?

Brenda Corona: The instructor tells us that, once we’ve started, it’s going to be a whole new language.  Once you go in, you figure that “Oh, I know a lot of this stuff.”   But at the same time, once you’re learning everything from the book, it’s like “Oh, I didn’t know anything.”  So everything’s pretty much new and, like she said, it’s a whole new language that we’re learning.  I think everything’s pretty much fascinating for me.

Beauty Schools Directory: Is there anything especially difficult you weren’t expecting to be so hard?

Brenda Corona: Well, I like everything but the thing is that I really have to, like… like some people it’s easy to… you know, because we have tests mostly every week and all these things like in school and I really have to study and put a lot of extra time so that I can understand and I can do good in my exams and all this other stuff.  Some people just reading it once in school and they’ll be fine.  For me, I really have to apply myself and study at school and then come home and reread it and do extra so I can do good in school.  Yeah, it’s been a challenge but I’m doing good.

Beauty Schools Directory: How is your class structure changing as you go through school?

Brenda Corona: It’s actually been a half day for theory and a half day hands on.  As we go more towards the end, we’re doing more hands-on and sometimes we do less theory, because I guess we’re going too fast.  So, sometimes we’re in the theory room for at least two weeks or so, we’ve just been doing more hands-on.

Beauty Schools Directory: Are you learning things besides actual esthetics products and services?

Brenda Corona: We learn about communications with the clients, how we’re supposed to treat them, how the room is supposed to look and things that we have to do, the sanitation.  We’ve pretty much learned most of… we only have maybe eight chapters left.  So, we’ve pretty much learned everything from sanitation to the clients and how professional we have to be and look.  How we look is the aspect that we’re going to give the clients.  Pretty much we’ve covered pretty much everything I figure.  The only things we have left is, like, make-up, the career focus and waxing and maybe two other ones.  And that’s pretty much it.

Beauty Schools Directory: What do you recommend looking for when choosing a school?

Brenda Corona: A lot of us go by the reviews of the school and sometimes it’s not exactly… sometimes we don’t have to go by the reviews because not everybody’s looking for the same thing as we are looking for.  You just have to pretty much just go to the school and see for your own how the school runs and how everything is going in that school.  Maybe even ask other students that are already enrolled how they like it and just go by your gut. I mean, I really like this school.  Everything is organized and what I’ve learned to like is that by the end of the course, one of the instructors who is actually on the state board, she really knows what they’re looking for.  So it’s kind of like a boot camp towards the end and she really trains everybody.  So far, nobody’s failed the state board.  I am really excited about that.

Beauty Schools Directory: What are your plans for after you graduate?

Brenda Corona: I plan to start applying in the next month or so, start applying because some of the other aesthetician that graduated already, that’s what they’re doing.  They start applying and they let them know they’re going to be done in a month or so.  So they already have a job by the time that they graduate.  And actually both of them, I didn’t think it possible, but both of them got a job even before they graduated.  That’s what I’m thinking of doing because I really want to start working as an aesthetician as soon as I graduate.

Beauty Schools Directory: What advice do you have for future esthetics students?

Brenda Corona: Well, before they start, they kind of start researching or even just going to see for yourself, going to the atmosphere to see what’s it’s actually like, to see what they’re doing, how they’re doing stuff and pretty much analyze everything they’re doing so that before you start you kind of have a feeling of what you’re going to get yourself into.  It should be really helpful.  And maybe get tips for what they do.

Beauty Schools Directory: How has this scholarship has affected you and helped you achieve this goal?

Brenda Corona: I’ve wanted to go to school for a while now.  Economically it’s hard but with the scholarship it kind of gives me a push to really start.  From there it really helped me because I don’t have to pay off much.  I’m working and going to school right now, but it’s really a huge help because I don’t have to be working as much as I would be if I didn’t have the scholarship.  I’m really thankful for the scholarship and it really does help a lot.

Beauty Schools Directory: What’s it like balancing work, school and your marriage?

Brenda Corona: Honestly, it’s been really, really hard because I have to leave really early to go to school and register there.  I have to stay around where I work and just be there and then pretty much I’m the whole day there and then I come home to eat and sleep.  I kind of get fed up sometimes but I’m like “You know what?  It’s going to pay off in the end and everything’s going to be good.”  It’s been three months.  I kind of try to have that mindset that I’m already halfway done and it’s going to be worth it at the end.  Yeah, I mean, everything’s good and according to my husband who’s really supportive, he really… he’s been more supportive than what I actually thought.  He’s been a lot of help.

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Winner of the Fall 2012 $2,500 Beauty School Scholarship!

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We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to the beauty community that has given us so much over the years. It was an incredibly special moment when the Beauty Schools Directory team was able to surprise Brenda Corona from Las Vegas, Nevada on Skype with a $2,500 scholarship for esthetics school. We would like to thank every single applicant who told us their story and applied for the scholarship to pursue their dreams and attend a beauty school or cosmetology school, and everyone who had a hand in making this scholarship possible. Congratulations, Brenda! We are so excited for you!

We will check in with Brenda throughout her journey at her esthetics school of choice near her new home in Virginia. No doubt she will have lots of stories to share, insights on the inner workings of esthetician training, and words of wisdom to share with other aspiring estheticians and beauty professionals!

If you didn’t win this time, but you are still anxious to start beauty school, apply for the $2,500 cosmetology scholarship today. We give away four $2,500 cosmetology scholarships every year for a total of $10,000. The next deadline is April 30, 2012.


The following is brought to you by Beauty Schools Directory.

Meet Brenda. She’s moving from Las Vegas to Virginia.

I’ve been here my whole life. I got married 3 years ago, and ever since we got married we’ve wanted to have a change because he’s been living here for the longest time. We wanted to go all the way to the other side of the country. I’ve never been there. He left two months ago, so I’m just ready to leave. My plan was to go to school here, but the opportunity arrived that we could move over there. So why start school here if I wasn’t going to be able to finish it? So I postponed it for when I move over there. So yeah, that’s the plan!

She dreams of becoming a licensed esthetician.

Scholarship Winner for Esthetician TrainingMy biggest plans are that I want to move over there with my husband to be with them. I just want to start fresh. I’ve been thinking about going to esthetics school for the longest time. I’m getting ready to be 23 and I need to do something already. Once I move over there, it’s going to be a new state, new people, new everything. I think it’s the right opportunity, the right time to start fresh in another place. I think I’m ready for the change and to do something with my life.

She’s starting a new adventure alongside her husband of 3 years.

My husband is very supportive. Whatever I want to do he’s there for me and says just go for it. I’ve been looking not only at the esthetics program, but I’ve been looking to see what is it that I really want to do? And he tells me, too, “I think this is a perfect fit for you.” I’m like, “Ok I think so too!” It’s both of us. It’s like, “Ok, I think I’ll go for this. He’s very supportive so I know that.  And I know it’s going to be long hours between working and going to the school, but he says that he’s there for me. If he’s there for me, I can do this. I’m ready for that.

She doesn’t realize she’s the scholarship recipient.

I just have one last thing and I’ll let you go. Um… You are the winner of a $2,500 scholarship! 

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! Thank you so much, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to go and start school. Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! I’m all excited, my hands are so nervous! I can’t wait to call my husband. He’s going to be screaming. [Laughs]

Brenda will get a $2,500 scholarship to go to esthetics school.

Thank you so much. I’m going to do my best to, you know, do the best I can! I’m so thankful. Thank you so, so much. I just want to thank everybody – I know there’s a lot of people working behind you and thank everybody that is supporting me for this money. Just let them know that I am very thankful, and my husband is too! I’m going to do the best I can. I’m ready to go to the new state, start fresh, start a new school, and I’m gonna be good. Thank you so, so much.

How Cosmetology Certificates Can Lift Income

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Here’s why, for some people, cosmetology certificates can be a better fit than a traditional 4-year education:

With the average cost of a certificate typically capping out at $20,000 at for-profit institutions like beauty schools (the cost of cosmetology programs generally range from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the school and its curriculum offerings), it is no wonder why more people are pursuing more educational certificates these days. With proper saving and planing, pursuing a vocational certificate can help a person reduce the burden enormous student loan debt upon graduation. The average four-year degree at university costs a student anywhere from $48,000 to $200,000 and leaves students with $25,250 in debt left over on average (according to The Project on Student Debt, 2010). That is not to say that cosmetology school graduates shouldn’t anticipate any student loan debt. Starting down any career path requires careful planning and diligent saving. (That means you might want to skip a few of those grande caramel macchiatos and put that dough in the piggy bank instead if you really want to pursue your dream.) One way to offset the cost of school is paying as much up-front as possible or paying month-to-month so you don’t have a large debt load when you graduate. Another path you should always pursue is the available beauty school scholarships. Some of these are offered by organizations, others are offered by the schools themselves – make sure to do your research!

Average College Student Loan DebtIn addition to lowering the price tag of your education, one of the other benefits of pursuing a certificate is that the programs are shorter. Most of the cosmetology disciplines can be completed in 15 months or less, some in as short as 6 months time! For people who want to get out into the “real world” and working as fast as possible, a cosmetology certificate might be the ideal path to freedom. With a lower price tag for a cosmetology certificate from a cosmetology school and job demand projected to grow 16% through the year 2020 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012), graduates of beauty schools may be better able to focus on your careers and providing value to clients instead of the stress of managing a huge debt load. When you take a look at the statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the figures can be misleading, according to many cosmetologists. Cosmetologists assert that their income tends to exceed the average salary presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics, which is on average $22,500 a year. Studies have shown that many people in service-related jobs where tipping is common fail to report all their income, including tips and freelance revenue earned outside of hourly wages. Also, cosmetology salaries can vary greatly from person to person. It’s important to note that how much you earn can depend on where you live, how long you’ve been in the business or working at a particular salon, your efforts to market yourself, your skill level and the quality of your relationships with your customers.

In addition to these benefits, people enjoy pursuing a certificate because they get the education that directly pertains to their career field. When studying cosmetology in a beauty school, there is no such thing as an irrelevant course. You will be immersed in coursework that relates directly to your profession in the cosmetology field – no irrelevant gen-ed requirements. Your educational program is a highly-focused program. People who value their time will not have to waste one second in a generic required class that has no relevance to their ultimate life goals.

If you are the type of person who enjoy a career with the ability to arrange flexible scheduling, be creative day-in and day-out, and earn a salary that can support yourself and/or your family, then a career in cosmetology may make sense for you. Many hairdressers decide to rent out their own booths after they obtain a cosmetology certificate – and with great power comes great responsibility. Renting out a booth in a salon can help a hairstylist add to his or her earning power if they work hard to market themselves and keep costs down. By renting out a booth, hairdressers can also decide to work odd hours or part-time, and they oftentimes keep a larger portion of their revenue minus rent and expenses. Many other hairstylists decide to work for an existing salon as a full-time employee rather than a booth-renter, because it requires less business savvy up-front, and this might be a better option for newer cosmetologists to the field to get more experience before breaking out on their own.

It doesn’t have to stop at cosmetology education. Most of us want to learn, grow and excel in our field. Getting into the cosmetology field quickly can be a great way to earn money, pay off cosmetology school debt, and start saving for the next educational step in your life. Perhaps you decide to go back to beauty school and get an additional license in another beauty discipline, or go on to become a cosmetology instructor. One of the joys of a career as a cosmetologist is that you may also have more flexibility to pursue a traditional two-year or four-year degree at a later point in life. So many cosmetologists decide to go on to open their own salons or barbershops, or become salon and spa managers. In this case it might be helpful to get some business, financial or management education and training to be a well-rounded business owner or manager. When you have your cosmetology certificate, you have increased earning power. You have the freedom to create your own hours and pursue other goals in your life.

Surprising $2,500 Scholarship Winner Sabrina McRae

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by Heather 3 Comments

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to the beauty community that has given us so much over the years. It was an incredibly special moment when the Beauty Schools Directory team was able to surprise Sabrina McRae from Hayward, California on Skype with a $2,500 cosmetology scholarship. We would like to thank every single applicant who told us their story and applied for the scholarship to pursue their dreams and attend cosmetology school, and everyone who had a hand in making this scholarship possible.

Congratulations, Sabrina! We are so excited for you!

We will check in with Sabrina throughout her journey at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, A Paul Mitchell Partner School. No doubt she will have lots of stories to share, insights and words of wisdom to share with other aspiring cosmetologists.

If you didn’t win this time, but you are still anxious to start cosmetology school, apply for the $2,500 cosmetology scholarship today. We give away four $2,500 cosmetology scholarships every year for a total of $10,000. The next deadline is April 30, 2012.

Want to win full cosmetology tuition for beauty school?

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Been looking at Pivot Point Academy as a potential cosmetology school? Well, they have a heck of an offer for you with the launch of their annual contest: The winner gets full tuition to one of the Academy’s three locations.

This year, their theme is “Anything But Hair,” which means entrants have to create a fantastic hair-like design without using real or synthetic hair. Kind of like when Project Runway contestants have to make cocktail dresses out of candy and car interiors.

The contest started on October 3rd and runs through November 10, and all you have to do to enter is upload photos of your creation through Pivot Point’s Facebook page.

Not in the Pivot Point Academy area? Don’t forget to apply for the Beauty Schools Marketing Group $2,500 beauty school scholarship, too!

Who are our scholarship applicants?

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We’ve been blown away by the response to the Beauty Schools Marketing Group scholarship, and all of the amazing stories behind our applicants’ drive to pursue careers in the beauty industry. You’ve made us laugh, cry, and sometimes wish that we knew you in real life so we could go out for martinis.

Basically, it’s been moving, and we’re discovering just how many fantastic women and men are out there, overcoming obstacles, being awesome and pursing their dreams. We actually turned the responses we’ve gotten into a world cloud that we think illustrates just how inspiring our applicants are.

Cosmetology scholarship applicants

(Click to enlarge)

It’s stuff like this that reminds us just how excited we are to be a part of such a great industry. Whether or not you’ve applied or have any intention of applying, we think you’re fabulous, and the proof is in the picture.

Trying to find money to pay for beauty school? Don’t forget to apply for the Beauty Schools Marketing Group $2,500 beauty school scholarship!

Beauty Schools Directory’s $2500 Cosmetology Scholarship Featured on Local News

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We are famous… well sort of. The Kansas City news station KCTV5 asked to be featured in their latest cosmetology segment and speak on how we help students find cosmetology schools and scholarships. So how did we do? You can watch below and tell us, but here’s a quick recap.

We all met at Entourage Institute of Beauty in Lenexa, KS last Wednesday afternoon and waited for the news crew to arrive. After taking a quick tour of the salon, we couldn’t stop raving at the modernized look and feel of the hair cutting and mani/pedi stations that their cosmetology students are trained on. We met with the school’s owner, Shimika Kennison, and were lucky enough to speak with Entourage’s very first cosmetology school graduate. You can learn more about them in the clip below. takes pride in aiding students cosmetology career growth. We were honored to brag about our talents, especially the offering of a $2500 cosmetology scholarship. (If you haven’t applied, you still have time, and don’t worry if you’re not a Kansas Citian. Residents from most of the 50 states (excluding FL, NY and RI) are eligible to apply. The deadline is October 31, 2011).  Overall, being shot for the news was exciting and this opportunity exemplified why we do what we do. Power to the cosmetologists!