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2012 Beauty Trend: Dark and Mysterious!

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by Sasha No Comments

Smoky Eye MakeupWatch an episode of True Blood or Twilight, and you will see that plum lipstick and smoky eyes are the hottest trends for 2012. There is something deep, dark and seductive about this look of the moment. This look mystifies viewers, because it is dark, mysterious and dramatic. To achieve this look is quite easy. You just need to have the right shades of lipstick and eyeshadow.

Dramatic Lips

For dramatic lips, try applying plum or deep red lipstick. If you are feeling very wild, you may even want to go for black lipstick for a fun party or bar crawl. Add a touch of gloss over the lipstick to add a bold touch of glamour to your look. Dark colored lipstick accentuates one of the most seductive features of your face – the lips.

Smoky Eyes

We all know the smokey eye is the new hotness, but check out these dark and smoky techniques. Liquid liner makes your eyes pop and look rounder. This look can easily transform a daytime look into a nighttime party look. Add some nude primer to your eyelids and beneath the eye. Then, take gray eyeshadow and fill out your eyelid with this shadow. Use a soft smudging technique to spread the gray eyeshadow with a brush. Then, take black eyeshadow and fill out the corners of your eyelid. Use some light eyeshadow to blend in the brow line with the eyelid for a complete look.

Plum Nails

Plum nails have never been hotter. This look complements dark lipstick. The key with this look is to stay away from dark red or burgundy nail polish. Instead, try to find a nail polish color that literally looks like the color of a plum. Match this with dark plum or black lipstick, and you will set fire to any social scene!

Nude and White Clothing

Pair your dark makeup with fashionable clothing that is nude or white. Wearing a plum lipstick with nude heels is a high fashion look that was all over the runways of the New York Fashion Week. Designers like Michael Kors love the mystery behind the pairing of smoky eyes with a white corset dress. This look mesmerizes viewers and leaves them trying to figure out whether one is dangerous, innocent, or both.


For accessories, try pairing a simple black side purse with a look that features dark makeup. The side purse simply works to accentuate your beautiful makeup. It also is great for a “hands free” night on the town and carrying your favorite dark lipstick or gloss.

Don’t Overload on Makeup

The key with adding a dark shade of sexy to your looks in 2012 is to avoid overloading on dark makeup. Only choose one area of the face for applying dark makeup. You don’t want to look like a vampire out on the town. You want to look sexy and sophisticated.

Try Out These New York Fashion Week Hair and Makeup Trends

Posted on: February 20th, 2012 by Beauty Schools Directory No Comments

All too often, the hair and makeup at any fashion week seems over the top. But every now and then a jaw-dropping application inspires an epiphany and makes you think, “I could totally pull that off in real life.”

A prime example would be the sexy tousles of the Rag and Bone show. In what has been described as a “Patty Smith goes to India” style theme, Redken lead stylist, Guido Palau, created ultra-feminine and “downtown cool” dreadlock waves. To achieve the look, Palau applied a generous amount of Redken Full Frame Volumizing Mouse to hair while damp, then allowed the locks to air dry. After separating the hair with a scattered ’70s center part, Palau massaged Redken Rough Paste 12 from root to tip, separating and twisting large chunky sections of hair along the way. A little ruffling at the crown added the finishing touch.

Another look fashion followers can try at home includes the red-lipped-ponytail combo from Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012. According to Glamazon, models wore a prim and proper side-part with the rest of the hair sleeked back at the nape of the neck. Shiseido Artistic Director, Dick Page used a matte Dual Balancing Foundation to offset the crimson lip color. The waxy, custom blend went on with a small eye-shadow brush for precision.

Experts will tell you creating lipstick is an art unto itself, but Perfect Rouge in Cerise or Valentine make great stand-ins. Here is another bit of advice: exercise cautious optimism with applications of red because they are easy to overdo. The same can be said of colorful eyeliner apps.

With Ginnifer Goodwin, Reese Witherspoon and a bevy of other stars spotted sporting jewel-toned eyeliner, you would do well to familiarize yourself with color, or at least make friends with the idea. For the Costell Tagliapietra show, makeup artist Lisa Butler of the MAC Pro Team applied peach and mauve to the upper lids and touched off the lower lids with a soft teal color. At, Butler says blending gray and green cream shadows below the eye added drama and personality to an otherwise nude foundation.

Butler used a pointed liner brush to apply a mix of shades from the Delft and Natural Fibre Fall Trend Crème Eye Shadow Palette. This particular collection of color pots is not available until later this year. But you can get the “bright eye” look this season with Tigi High Density Eye Shadow Palette or the Yves Saint Laurent Ombres 5 Luminieres N.13.

Just remember cream shadows are tricky. Shannon R., a beauty blogger at, says cream shadows settle into the creases on the eyelid. The same goes for the fine lines around the bottom of your eye. Priming the area with foundation or powder promotes a longer lasting finish. At the risk of looking like a resplendent peacock, you also want to apply cream shadows with a light touch.

What do you think, beauty fiends? Are you ready to put these fashion week trends into practice?

When it comes to 2012 beauty trends, imperfect is the new perfect

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by Becca No Comments

Perfection is so overdone, and if you’re anything like us, you’re getting sick of seeing it, too. Well, we’re not alone. Leading stylists and makeup artists tout that the minimalist look is the new look of 2012, as opposed to the overly made-up look that has been in for quite some time.

Let’s start from the top. Your hair doesn’t need to be washed everyday. Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair daily does more harm than good. When you wash your tresses too frequently, you’re removing all the natural oils that provide your locks with a healthy shine. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t advise not bathing for days on end, but only washing your hair every other day will give your hair the natural sheen that is popular, rather than a glossy look create from plenty of hair product.

Spending hours doing your hair is a thing of the past, at least for 2012. Instead of spending two hours curling your hair into many tiny twisted locks, tousle your hair around a little bit and go! This season is all about casual looks, so opt for a bun on your head or a loose chignon. You don’t even have to get that fancy, even a simple ponytail makes a fashion statement.

If you’ve been bleaching your eyebrows, stop right now, because those dark eyebrows, you know that ones that match your natural hair color, are trendy. If you want to lighten them a tad, use a eyebrow gel to lighten subtly rather than a bleach that provides you with a drastic, unnatural look.

Although the smoky eye lives forever, add a modern twist to this classic look by using metallics or do a reverse smoky eye, meaning you should apply the effect to your bottom eyelid line. Rather than applying your eyeliner carefully using a defining pencil or your eye shadow precisely using an applicator, try digging in and using your fingers to make a “just got out of bed and did my makeup in two minutes look.” If you don’t use your fingers to apply, at least use them to smudge. You might also want to consider losing the look with black eyeliner applied around your entire eye, and try only lining the corners of the eye into the center.

Skip the lip liner or at least smudge it. For the beginning of 2012, looking like you just consumed a Popsicle is sexy and also a makeup trend that is easy to achieve. All you need to do is apply a bright color to the center of your lips. By pressing your lips together and then rolling them, it will appear like you just ate a freeze pop. When putting on lipstick, try simply pouting your lip and pressing the makeup directly on. This gives you the pretty appearance without being too prim and proper.

Avoid putting makeup on every inch of your face; instead, use concealer on problem areas rather than plastering foundation on your entire face. Highlight only one feature, such as your lips, as opposed to applying heavy makeup on your eyes and lips. Less if definitely more this season.

How to Do a 1940s Pinup Makeup Look Tutorial

Posted on: December 19th, 2011 by Heather No Comments


We joined professional makeup artist Mandy McKenna at The Last Tangle Salon to put together this tutorial for you about how to do a 1940s pinup makeup look! The look includes the lightly shadowed eye, cat eye eyeliner and of course ruby red lipstick! This video covers the vintage pinup makeup look, and then shows the final product at the very end. The video is a little long, but trust me – you’ll want to watch it start to finish. The professional makeup artist gives tons of valuable insider tips and advice you won’t want to miss! I also ask Mandy about her experience in cosmetology school and her career as a makeup artist, and she has tons of valuable information to share.

If you like what you see here and you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist, look for makeup schools near you.

Here’s the final look!

Vintage 1940s Pinup Makeup Tutorial

“How to Do a 1940s Pinup Makeup Look Tutorial” Video Transcript

Heather/Beauty Schools Directory: Hey there, this is Heather with Beauty Schools Directory. I’m at The Last Tangle Salon in Overland Park, Kansas. We’re going to go in and talk to some of their very talented hairstylists and makeup artists about doing a pinup hairstyle, as well as pinup makeup for the vintage holiday party tonight. We’ll ask them a little bit about how they got into beauty and cosmetology, and see what interesting tips and advice they can offer us. So come on in!

Heather: We’re inside The Last Tangle Salon in Overland Park, Kansas and we’re going to meet our makeup artist of the day. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us who you are?

Mandy McKenna/Makeup Artist at The Last Tangle Salon: I’m Mandy McKenna, and I’m a hair and makeup artist here at The Last Tangle Salon.

Heather: And what are we doing today Mandy?

Mandy: We are going to give you a nice 1940s pinup makeup look.

Heather: And what is all this over here?

Mandy: Well these are my brushes. You gotta have a good eyeliner brush because they really concentrate on the cat eye eyeliner. It’s very important to have that, and a nice contouring brush, too. Though it doesn’t look like they wore a lot of eye shadow, it’s mainly contouring with nude looks.

Heather: So is this your standard kit? You have this on you at all times? This is what you use?

Mandy: Yes, this is for the salon, then I have a kit for on-location.

Heather: What’s the makeup style you tend to do most often?

Mandy: The smokey eye. Everyone wants the smokey eye!

Heather: So what do you say we get started?

Mandy: Sure, grab a seat!

Heather: What just happened there?

Mandy: That’s just alcohol. We like to be nice and sanitary. Any time you see me spraying this  I’m just sanitizing.

Heather: So did you go to makeup artist school?

Mandy: Cosmetology school.

Heather: Where’d you go to school?

Mandy: Merrell University in Jefferson City, Missouri. Do you have anything on your face right now?

Heather: I have just foundation.

Mandy: Is it a liquid or powder?

Heather: Why do you ask?

Mandy: Because I can’t put liquid foundation over powder, it’ll get cakey. I’m actually a MAC Artist, MAC Cosmetics. I’ve been doing that since  2008.

Heather: About 3-4 years now?

Mandy: Yeah.

Heather: Have you been doing makeup for just the three years, or did you do makeup even before you got into cosmetology schools?

Mandy: Well I’ve been an artist my whole life, so it kinds of coincides.

Heather: An artist like paintings and other creative stuff?

Mandy: Yeah, I like watercolors and charcoals.

Heather: So is that how you knew you wanted to be a makeup artist?

Mandy: No, I actually wanted to be a vet.

Heather: Really? What happened?  What changed?

Mandy: I don’t like needles or blood, so that was the realization I came to. And I actually have my degree in computers.

Heather: Interesting – what a strange place to end up then! So what happened or changed that made you want to go to cosmetology school instead?

Mandy: I ran a salon for three years when I was in college, and I just really liked watching him. He was a world renowned hairdresser. He’s actually a judge of competitions internationally and he trains the U.S. Olympic Hair Team. So it was fun watching him create things and he was just very inspiring. And there was another lady who worked there who was a Miss Missouri Pageant Consultant for 12 years, so it’s just fun to watch people create. People always feel a lot better going out than coming in.

Heather: So that’s probably why you stick around? It makes people feel good?

Mandy: Yeah.

Heather: So do you feel makeup allows you to be as creative as you are as an artist already?

Mandy: Yeah, actually this weekend Jen (the owner) and I did a creative thing. It was like Carnivale and the masks. So she did some crazy hair and I actually created with makeup masks on the face. Ok, this is an eye primer, for the eye shadow. You want a nice primer to give you a nice base since there are a lot of blood vessels and stuff throughout the eye, and the skin is very thin there, so you want to camouflage all that with a nice primer. You can see the difference.

Heather: When you do event makeup do you typically do makeup first and hair second?

Mandy: It really depends. It depends because I do their hair, too, but it depends on what they’re doing with their hair. I do spray tanning, lash extensions – I do it all.

Heather: How long did it take you to finish cosmetology school?

Mandy: About a year and a half, because I actually worked while I was going, too. I worked 30 or so hours a week. Usually it will take a year if you’re not working, too. cosmetology school is basically worknig but not getting paid, because you’re behind the chair, but you’re only getting tips.

Heather: Or if you’re a makeup artist you’re in front of the chair!

Mandy: So we’re going to do a nice neutral eye, with this kind of vanilla color. I’m going to put this all over your lid. And that’s going to create a base for your eye shadow.

Heather: I have blue eyes, so she’s going to do an orange.

Mandy: I’m going to do an orange undertone, so it’s going to make her eyes even more blue. Yeah, it looks gorgeous right now. [Laughs] Kind of dust the brush off and we’re going to blend it.

Heather:  I heard that blending is the most important thing you can learn as a makeup artist . Is that true?

Mandy: Yeah, it is. It’s very important. I’m blending that on the outer corner and the inner corner. For the ’40s makeup they really had a highlight over the middle of the eye. And then blend it in the crease.

Heather: I’m the worst client ever, I’m opening my eyes half the time. I want to see!

Mandy: Dab a little here, a little there. And just to show you the color I’m using, it’s this color right here (a bronze orange hue)


Makeup Trends: The Hottest Makeup Looks for Spring 2012

Posted on: November 15th, 2011 by Becca No Comments

The Spring 2012 fashion shows were full of two distinct makeup looks: natural, ethereal beauty or hard-edged “glamazons.” No matter which is your preference, each aesthetic can easily be accomplished in a daily look. We bring you the top makeup trends we saw coming down the runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

2012-makeup-trend-red-lips-ts82457285Make Me Up!
Vintage-inspired makeup was the all a flutter amongst modern eyes and pouty lips. Easy does it for the spring by keeping the focus on the eyes or mouth.

Red Hot Lips
Many designers, including YSL and Dior, put the classic red lip on their models. Choose a shade that suits you skin tone so that the color does not wash you out.

Fresh Eyes
Twiggy made the cat eye iconic, but we saw fresh takes on this look by everyone from Dolce & Gabanna to Armani. We saw it defined and simple with no outrageous lines extending from the eye socket. We also saw bold, non-tapering cat eyes and cat eyes in color. Liquid liner works best for the precision required.

Strong Brows
Think Brooke Shields. Full eyebrows were all the rage at Jill Sander, Burberry, Derek Lam and more. If you do not have naturally strong eyebrows, then it can be created using a dark eye pencil by drawing a dramatic arch to make them stand out.

2012-makeup-trend-smoky-eyes-ts105774153Smoky Extreme
Silent film stars seemed to take over the stages like Gucci, Rodarte, Ungaro and Dsquared thanks to the heavy dark eye that was found on models. The darker and stronger the eye, then the more Gothic this look seemed. Try it in navy for a look that will not be as punk.

Sun-Kissed Skin
Michael Kors, Christopher Kane, Isabel Marant and more sent their models down the runway in an all-out glow inspired by outdoorsy athleticism. You can get this look by using a peach shimmer bronzer all over your face for fresh and sunny look.

White Silver Metallics
Chanel and Ralph Lauren washed their models eyelids in shimmering whites, grays and silvers. Go for subtle moonlit glow or dramatic shine – either way you’ll be ahead of a hot trend.

2012-makeup-trend-pop-of-color-ts200289825Pop Art
Make a statement like Miu Miu or Richard Chai or Rebecca Taylor and add vibrant color somewhere on an otherwise nude face. Think orange eye shadow or blue mascara for a fun look that will make every day more interesting.

Doll Lashes
We’re all always looking for a mascara that will make our lashes longer and fuller, but why not follow Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs and just go for fabulous fake lashes that make your eyes seem bigger and give you that fantastic, doll-like look?

Glittery Eyes
They’re not just for Halloween anymore. Fashion Week makeup artists for Dsquared and Fendi utilized everything from tin foil to fairy dust to create super-shiny looks. Maybe a bit much for every day, but don’t be afraid of sparkle this spring season.

Rosy Lips
If the vampy, red lip look is not your style, take the approach of Peter Som and Oscar de la Renta and go for barely-there roses and pinks. Use a creamy lipstick or – if you have natural pink pigment in your puckers – just go for a light gloss.