Chattanooga, TN

When you’re ready to revolutionize the beauty community of Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga is where you need to be. This is a major metro area of Tennessee, so there are lots of diverse salons and beauty shops in this city. The city is home to over 176,000 residents (Wikipedia, 2017). Chattanooga cosmetologists report an average salary of $28,850 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

Depending on your career goals, you could get your training at lots of different schools in Chattanooga. Tennessee cosmetology programs are a popular choice, since they give you the chance to learn hair care, nail technology, and esthetics. You can also choose a more specialized program like nail technology or makeup artistry.

Get a feel for Chattanooga’s beauty community by exploring some of the region’s top salons:

As a Chattanooga resident, you can use your free time to its fullest. The Tennessee Aquarium is a major attraction, giving you the opportunity to interact with all sorts of sea life. Take a hike through the Raccoon Mountain Caverns. A day trip to Coolidge Park is the perfect time to see the Coolidge Park Antique Carousel. Since Chattanooga is a major tourist destination in Tennessee, it also has lots of high-end shopping centers and malls.

Other Schools in this area:

Franklin Academy

New Concepts School of Cosmetology

Shear Academy