Cosmetology Continuing Education

You’re involved in the field of cosmetology because you like to keep learning, improving, and exploring new opportunities. That’s where continuing education comes in. The training opportunities presented by continuing education programs can completely overhaul your career, give you a new set of skills, and help you offer more value to your clients.

Many local beauty schools offer continuing education in a variety of areas; take a look at our list of programs and contact local schools to find out what courses they offer.

Why is Continuing Education Important?

With everything you learn in cosmetology school, you may be wondering why continuing education is so important for your career. Cosmetology is always changing. When your clients sit in your salon chair and ask for the latest style, color trend, or haircut, you want to be able to deliver. Spending time on continuing education lets you do more for your clients as a licensed cosmetologist, advance your skills, and possibly prepare for future career growth opportunities.

What Cosmetology Continuing Education Can Do for Your Career

In most states, your career depends on continuing education. The state board of cosmetology in each state may require some continuing education hours during each cosmetology license renewal cycle. The future of cosmetology appears bright, with job openings expected to increase 10% between 2014 and 2024 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Currently, the average salary for a cosmetologist is $11.38 per hour (BLS, 2016). Meeting or exceeding your state’s continuing training requirements can help you take advantage of this industry-wide growth.

Explore the Topics Covered in Cosmetology Continuing Education

No matter what your career goals are or what you would like to learn, you can probably find a continuing education program that you’re excited about. Many training programs focus on some aspect of hairstyling. Hair coloring continuing education courses may teach you how to achieve new effects and satisfy popular client requests, such as babylights and an ombre. You may learn how to use new tools for increased texture and versatility in haircuts.

Other subjects explore career options within cosmetology. Taking a continuing education course in leadership skills, staff training, or salon management may help you use your experience to move up in your salon.

Where to Pursue Continuing Education

Since continuing training is an essential part of this industry, you may meet your annual or biannual requirements in a variety of places. Local salons often host continuing education events, as do beauty schools.

Getting into the right continuing education program can reinvigorate your passion for cosmetology and help you become an indispensable part of your clients’ beauty routines.

Check out your options now! Select your state below and get in touch with local continuing education providers.