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How Can Cosmetology School Programs Impact Your Beauty Career?

The type of beauty school program you choose is the first major decision that will impact your future career opportunities. For example, you might want to start working as quickly as possible, and have no interest in salon management.

If this is you, then consider a certificate or diploma program. They can be completed in a shorter amount of time; typically around 10-12 months. Plus, you can start working in most cosmetologist jobs after completing an approved program, meeting your training hours, and earning the license requirements in your state.

However, if you have an option for an Associate’s (AAS) in cosmetology, why not consider it? This could be your best cosmetology school option if you are interested in acquiring management positions or want to keep your career options open.

What if your salon takes off and you decide to expand your brand into another location? You could continue your education by taking business classes and eventually earn your Bachelor’s.

The fact is, when you educate yourself and train diligently, your cosmetology career options can seem endless.

Taking the most efficient path towards a beauty career…

When you enter a certificate or diploma program in the beauty field, you will just focus on your core courses. These shorter programs are tightly geared towards helping you learn hair, skin, make-up and nail skills – and start working ASAP.

Program length will vary by school-which is why it’s important to look into several options. Some cosmetology training programs may be accelerated, with less than 12 months of training.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to need around 45 course credits. Your State Board of Cosmetology license requirements will really determine the course curriculum and number of training hours you must complete. When you speak with schools, it’s very important to go over your list of concerns and goals. Especially if they offer both diploma and Associate’s in cosmetology programs. Ask if you can complete the diploma or certificate option first, and move into the associate’s when you’re ready.

Check out Associate’s degree in cosmetology to start your career…

Earning your Associate’s degree in cosmetology can be a good move if you want to expand your education options. An Associate of Cosmetology will typically include your core courses, plus electives.

This means, you may be taking math, humanities, communications, social science, and other types of courses outside of beauty. But, it could also mean that you take additional business and management courses.

As a result, you may better position yourself for salon ownership or another type of career down the road. You never know where life is going to lead, so it can’t hurt to look at all your options.

Cosmetology curriculum that translates to career success…

No matter which type of cosmetology school program you choose, your courses will focus on hair, skin, makeup, and nails. Of course, this could vary, depending on the school and type of cosmetology program you choose.

Your hair design courses will help you learn the latest cutting and styling trends. But they should also teach you the foundational skills that never go out of style. You should learn the latest coloring techniques, and have knowledge about salon products. Part of being a cosmetologist entails understanding the retail aspect, and additional salon revenue streams. Spas and salons expect their stylists to know all about the products they sell. This way, you can help increase revenue outside of your hands-on services.

Cosmetology programs should also train you to apply makeup for most occasions. If you want to be a theatrical makeup artist or work in special effects for film or television, you should seek additional training.

Learning esthetician and nail work can come in really handy as well. If you want to work in a spa or salon that offers facials, manicures and pedicures, this experience can boost your resume.

If your State Board of Cosmetology has an option for hair design or cosmetology licensure, it’s something to think about. On one hand, you can just focus on hair and most likely have fewer requirements for licensure. On the other hand, you may want to learn skin, nail and makeup skills to qualify for work at your dream salon.

Plus, if you do have a goal to manage a salon, you should understand the full scope of salon work. You will be more knowledgeable and competent when you manage other professionals who deliver those services. This is where choosing an Associate of Cosmetology may be the best route to the career you want.

Other Ways The Best Cosmetology Schools Can Impact Your Future

Your cosmetology school training will also have an effect of your current career while you train. Fortunately, most programs are designed with working professionals in mind.

Some have night or weekend options for students with 9-5/Mon-Fri work schedules. We are even seeing some beauty schools integrate online courses into their curriculum. This can be effective for some courses. However, you will need to have plenty of experiential learning and training guided by experienced professionals.

No matter how advanced online learning becomes, in-person training is the best way to develop stellar beauty skills.

Financial aid & career preparation resources

You can’t really answer the question ‘what’s the best beauty college near me’ without looking into financial aid and career resources. After you start working as a cosmetologist, your student loans will need to be repaid. This is a part of just about every student’s reality.

So when you compare your cosmetology school optoins, be sure to ask if they are qualified for federal financial aid or offer private loan options. Some schools may even offer scholarships or grants to students who can prove financial need.

We also offer a beauty school scholarship to help you get started!

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