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If you are searching for the perfect cosmetology school, you have come to the right place. There are hundreds of cosmetology schools to choose from throughout the United States and Canada. Choose a state below to get a list of cosmetology colleges near you. Once you have found one or more cosmetology colleges in which you are interested, simply click "Request Info" to contact the cosmetologist school directly. The school will contact you shortly to help you start down the path to becoming a cosmetologist.

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Considering a career in cosmetology? Here's what you need to know.

Creativity. Innovation. Artistry. As a student of cosmetology, you can get on the path to become a beauty professional and prepare for yourself a future where you can express your style and use your creative energy to help others look and feel their best!

What You Learn in Cosmetology School

Students can gain essential skills and necessary training through cosmetology schools. Most schools have similar curriculum and usually focus on hands-on training so students can maximize their exposure to methods and procedures. In cosmetology you will learn about the four key pillars of beauty: hair, nails, makeup and skin care. The courses offered at these cosmetology schools teach you how to help create a signature look for your customers and how to satisfy their styling wishes through the development of your hair cutting, styling, and coloring skills. You get taught how to master the perfect manicure and pedicure, as well as develop techniques such as nail shaping, art, and specialties like application and maintenance of acrylics. Also, with your new esthetics and skin care skills you can help meet your customers' everyday beauty needs with facials, waxes, and makeup application. Many schools also teach the skills of practicing cosmetologists, like salon business skills, proper safety and sanitation practices, and hands-on experience to prepare you to start your career immediately upon receiving your certification and getting licensed.

Cosmetologist Licensing Requirements

While cosmetology colleges across the country offer similar training curricula, each individual state may require slightly different coverage of topics. Each state has different training hour requirements to be able to take your cosmetology license practical and written exams and get licensed. Check your state cosmetology license requirements if you're unsure how many cosmetology training hours will be required of you.

Job Demand for Cosmetologists

More and more people are relying on licensed professionals for their beauty needs. That means there is a high demand for skilled individuals in the cosmetology field. The job demand for cosmetologists and hairdressers is projected to grow 16% through the year 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and as many as 98,400 cosmetology jobs are expected to be added in the U.S. As you can see, there are endless ways for you to help clients feel their best and countless opportunities for you to employ your skills into a salary-earning professional. The careers you can fulfill range from hairstylist to nail technician, or style specialist (perms, colors, etc.) to makeup artist to nail technician. Or, you may opt to seek employment out of the spa and become a beauty product sales representative, a fashion and style columnist or magazine writer, a photo shoot stylist, or even a salon manager or owner. 

Regardless of what direction you choose to take your cosmetology career, your education from a cosmetology school can enable you to seek a creative and challenging professional environment filled with like-minded individuals who share a similar passion for beauty and style.