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How To Find Electrologist Training And Professional Opportunities

When you work as an electrologist, you will help patients by removing unwanted hair, as well as moles, warts, and other common skin blemishes. The process involves using electricity to remove the hair at the root of the follicle.

In most programs, students typically study three types of electrology methods professionals use:

  • Thermolysis. This procedure uses a radio frequency to reach the tissue and remove the unwanted hair.
  • Galvanic. This is a chemical process by which galvanic lye is used to kill the hair.
  • Blend. Sometimes, a skin care specialist will use a combination of the two previous methods.

Some states require esthetician training to work in electrolysis. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry, we can help you compare esthetics programs as well.

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Benefits and Bright Spots of Electrology Careers

Like most beauty related professions, there are several personal and tangible benefits this occupation can bring.

Below are some top reasons why electrology can be a cool career:

  • Training can be completed on efficient timelines
  • The cost of adding this certification to your skills can be minimal compared to the potential boost in salary
  • Most electrologists earn an average wage between $25,000 and $50,000 per year (BLS, 2017)
  • You can help patients feel better about the way they look, which can be a huge boost for individuals with more serious medical challenges

CPE Certification

No matter what professional path you take, you simply must work towards your Certification of Professional Electrologist (CPE) Certification.

By earning this credential, you can:

  • Prove to prospective employers and clients that you are qualified
  • Make sure you understand the latest best practices for delivering care
  • Understand your state’s health and safety regulations related to electrology
  • Tap their resources that can benefit your career, including workshops, events, and job boards

Your electrologist school curriculum should match the topics covered on the CPE Certification exam. If you want to order the study guide directly from the American Electrology Association, you can find it here.

CPE Exam topics include:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Infection control
  • Electrical operations
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Clinical observations

Passing the CPE exam is one of the most important topics you will need to discuss with every electrologist school you speak with. Make sure you will be ready to sit for the official exam upon completion of your electrology or skin care specialist program.

A question you can ask to start this conversation is: “What is the passing rate for the CPE exam among your graduates?” This will help you understand if the curriculum is effective in prepping students to become qualified electrologists. 

Additional Electrology Resources For Students and Professionals

You need to keep your ear to the ground, even while you’re training. Keep your mind focused on maintaining high-level skills and delivering empathetic patient care.

And take note of these additional electrology resources you can use to your advantage:

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