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Hair removal is a beauty process that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. People in ancient cultures would use honey and other natural ingredients to get rid of unwanted body hair and enjoy the benefits of smooth skin. Luckily, hair removal has progressed a lot since then.

Rather than relying on painful, inconsistent, or time-consuming methods, people can choose long-lasting or even permanent hair removal methods. Electrolysis is one type of permanent hair removal that has gained lots of popularity in recent years.

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Electrology Education Requirements

Although electrolysis is an established form of permanent hair removal, it is not uniformly licensed across the United States. A handful of states do not have any licensing requirements, while others require over 1000 hours of training. On average, you can earn your electrology license after 320 to 1100 hours of education (American Electrology Association, 2016).

Program expenses differ a lot between states and regions of the country. If you attend school at a local beauty school in a rural or suburban area, your education may be much less expensive than it would be at a nationally renowned school or at a metropolitan program. For the entire program, most electrolysis classes cost between $2,700 and $9,000. By applying for the Beauty Schools Directory scholarship, you may have the chance to get a scholarship of $2,500 to put toward your electrolysis education.

Across the board, schools teach very similar techniques, terminology, and theory. No matter which electrolysis training course you select, you'll likely spend a lot of time on these subjects:

  • Comparison of electrolysis to other types of hair removal
  • Cytology, histology, and dermatology
  • Hair structure and regrowth
  • Disorders and diseases of hair and skin
  • Single needle electrolysis method
  • Multiple needle electrolysis method
  • Manual thermolysis
  • Automatic thermolysis
  • Blend electrolysis method
  • Techniques and variables
  • Proper cleaning and storage of equipment

Electrology Career Information

Electrologists fall into the category of skin care professionals. O*Net anticipates a 40% increase in skin care jobs by the year 2022 (2016). They report an average salary of $29,050 per year for skin care professionals (O*Net, 2016).

After completing your education, you may wish to seek certification. This is not required in most states, but it is a good way of demonstrating your experience and training. The American Electrology Association oversees the Certified Professional Electrologist credential, which you may earn after passing a rigorous test. This group also offers continuing education, which helps you maintain your skills and keep up on your certification.

Why Should I Become an Electrologist?

When you become an electrologist, you get the opportunity to make people feel good about themselves. Many people who suffer from unwanted body hair have done so for years or even decades. This can cause low self-esteem and shame.

With your education, you can help people enjoy permanent, effective hair loss and finally feel proud of how they look.

Find out more about your options today by contacting electrolysis hair removal schools in your state.