Esthetics Schools by State

Pop quiz: which part of the body shows age the fastest? By looking at someone’s skin, you can quickly get a general idea of their age. This is particularly true of skin on the face, which often ages more rapidly due to sun exposure, poor washing routines, and facial expressions.

If you become an esthetician, you can learn important skills for improving skin health and making clients look younger, healthier, and happier. With the growing demand for estheticians, you may be able to take advantage of different employment opportunities in this field. You may have control over your schedule as a self-employed esthetician, work in local salons or spas, or even open your own spa.

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Start Your Career in Esthetics!

What makes esthetics an exciting specialty in cosmetology? To start, it is growing quickly, which may mean that local employers need estheticians to keep up with customer demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job openings to increased 12% through 2024, which exceeds predicted cosmetology job growth by 2% (2016). Estheticians bring in an average income of $30,090 per year (BLS, 2016).

If you are a beauty professional who always wants to learn new skills and advance your career, you could really thrive as a licensed esthetician. This field regularly comes up with new skin care technology, powerful ingredients, and formulations that can change your career. When there is always something new to learn, you never have to worry about getting bored with your work.

What You Study as an Esthetics Student

Something that many students love about studying cosmetology is its emphasis on practical training. As an esthetics student, you won’t just read about esthetics procedures in your books; you’ll get to practice them during skin care classes on mannequins, fellow students, and paying clients. Core skills include proper face washing techniques, use of facial toners, and skin moisturizing. From there, you may move on to advanced esthetics skills like manual facials, electrical facials, chemical facials, wax, and depilatory procedures. Instructors should help you master makeup application, eyebrow shaping, and tweezing.

Licensing Requirements for Estheticians

Esthetics is a licensed field, since it involves using specialized chemicals, tools, and machines. Each state sets the required amount of training hours for esthetics professionals, with many states requiring about 600 hours. You may also need to pass a licensing exam and keep up with continuing education laws.

It’s time to learn how to make your clients look youthful and build a reputation for yourself as a great esthetician. With our directory of esthetics programs, you can quickly find and contact esthetics programs in your state.