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If you are considering a career in cosmetology, but have some questions before you take the next step, this page aims to give you the short and sweet answer to all your burning questions about jumping into the beauty industry. This is a great place to start to get all the cosmetology information you need to choose a school and start your education, then launch your career in the beauty business. This is a general overview to start your journey of learning all about cosmetology, and we will link you to more specific resources for each of these topics.

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Cosmetology School Information

Cosmetologist Styling Man's HairBefore becoming a professional hairstylist or other beauty pro, it is imperative that you attend cosmetology school to get the proper training required to get licensed. All 50 states plus Washington D.C. require you to meet a minimum number of training hours at a cosmetology school in order to take the licensing exam and get your license. So step one in that process is figuring out which license you need to practice your profession of choice, and finding the right cosmetology school for you to get the required training hours.

When choosing a school, there is certain information about cosmetology schools you should gather in order to make an educated decision. Here are just a few questions of the questions we recommend that you ask each school you contact before making a decision:

  • Do you offer a comprehensive cosmetology program?
  • Do you offer full-time or part-time cosmetology classes?
  • How long does it take to complete the cosmetology program?
  • Check out our How to Choose a Beauty School guide for a complete list of questions to ask cosmetology admissions representatives.

Collecting all the cosmetology school information you can up front will help you make an educated decision about which school is right for you. It may seem overwhelming at first, but ask all the questions you need to of the admissions people so that you feel confident and comfortable choosing the right school for you, and be sure you understand what is required of you to get your license of choice.

Cosmetology Career Information

Trying to gather information about cosmetology careers? We have put together many resources to help you get the cosmetology information you need. We have cosmetology career information on a number of different paths in the beauty business. We have information on your career options after attending beauty school, job placement services, job demand and professional organizations in the business to help you establish your career. Here are a just few of the job descriptions we have:

Another thing you need to learn about to prepare for your career is the licensing requirements in your state. Almost every state offers a cosmetologist license, but otherwise, each state is different in which licenses they offer. Also, each state has unique training requirements in order to be able to sit for the board exams. Make sure you are up to speed on your state’s beauty license requirements. Does one of these career paths sound like a good fit for you? If so, click the button below to start searching for schools near you.

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Cosmetology Salary Information

Another thing to consider in your hunt for cosmetology information is salary and wages. We frequently update our salary data for cosmetology careers. We reference NACCAS and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics to update our cosmetology salary information annually. Check out our Cosmetologist Salary page for the latest cosmetology salary information on file. We look at the national averages for salaries in each of the main beauty professions, specific states and metro areas that pay higher than others, how tips are factored into your wages, as well as ways to potentially increase your salary as your career grows.

What if I don’t know all about cosmetology right now?

We actually get this question a lot from future beauty school students who are concerned that they don’t know much about hair, makeup or other beauty services before they enroll. This should not stop you from seeking information about beauty careers and contacting cosmetology schools! The whole point of going to school is to learn all about cosmetology, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t already know how to do hair or makeup. The beauty school curriculum is designed to teach you all about what you need to know to get licensed and start your career in this business. While some people may know a little bit about hair, makeup and beauty when they first start school, everyone begins together at square one. You will learn as you go!

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Are you looking for cosmetology information that we didn't cover here? Don’t be shy! Contact us and let us know how we can help! Our job is to provide the best and most accurate cosmetology information so you can make an informed, confident decision when you choose the best cosmetology school for you.

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