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If you are eagerly awaiting your first day of school, you are probably wondering what to expect in your student kit when you arrive! Beauty Schools Directory has compiled the answers to all your burning questions about the textbooks, tools, supplies and student kits you can expect to use during your time in beauty school. If you aren’t yet enrolled but you dream of entering the beauty business, just enter your zip code to the right to find schools near you.

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What cosmetology tools and cosmetology supplies come in a standard cosmetology school student kit?

Your cosmetology school student kit is going to be your most valuable asset once you start cosmetology school. This tool kit will contain all the following cosmetology tools and cosmetology supplies such as shears, clippers, brushes, a blow dryer, irons, mannequin heads and more. If you invest in high quality products, many of these cosmetology tools from your beauty school student kit will be in your cosmetologist tool belt for years to come.

While the cosmetology student kit is typically very comprehensive, you may find that a few miscellaneous cosmetology supplies need purchasing later. One cosmetology tool that does not come in the student cosmetology kit but is incredibly valuable to your beauty education is the cosmetology school textbook. Textbooks are one of the most resourceful cosmetology tools because they will guide you through the entire curriculum. We cover textbooks in more detail below.

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What about nail, makeup, barber and esthetician student kits?

Barber Kit

Nail Technician Student Kit – Depending on your state’s licensing criteria, your nail student kit may include an acrylic set, hand mannequins, nail tips, disposable nail forms, toe separators, brush cleaner, manicure bowls/dishes, bond aid, clarite powder, fingernail and toenail clippers, foot file, nail wipes, cuticle sticks, and a variety of nail buffers, shapers and files.

Esthetician Student Kit –The products included in your esthetics student kit will depend in part on which skin care brands your school is teaching to. It tends to be loaded up with products like cleansers, moisturizers and exfoliators. Esthetics students also get swabs, gloves, makeup applicators, professional makeup and brush supplies. You may also get eyebrow tweezers, an eyebrow tool set, scissor tweezers, exfoliating set, a lash kit, wax, cooling gel, muslin strips and more.

Makeup Artist Student Kit – The contents of your kit may depend on whether you’re pursuing a general makeup education, or a specific makeup niche. Student makeup kits may include theatrical makeup supplies such as spirit gum, false skin and hair products. They usually also include a variety of brushes and application pads and puffs, foundations, lining/highlighting/rouge shades, eye and lip pencils, powders, latex and stipple sponges, modeling wax and more. Often they come with individual bags to organize and separate your supplies.

Barber Student Kit – A barber's student kit is likely to be very similar to the cosmetologist's tool kit with the various shears, combs, brushes and other supplies for cutting, coloring and styling hair. However, a barber kit probably does not include nail technology supplies, and it probably does include shaving supplies like a straight razor, safety razors, shaving cream brush and other specialty shave supplies.

Does the cosmetology school provide the student kit I need to complete my program?

Since you do not start your first day of beauty school working on real clients, it is important to have a comprehensive cosmetology student kit equipped with all the cosmetology tools of the trade you need, as well as mannequin heads upon which to practice your new skills. Most cosmetology schools will provide cosmetology student kits and simply include the cost of the kit in the tuition. However, other schools may instead give you contact information for trusted vendors of cosmetology student kits to make the purchase directly. Still others simply provide you with a school supply list, which you may need to purchase on your own from the local beauty supply store. Whichever way your school prefers, be sure to ask your admissions rep, and include all the needed cosmetology tools and cosmetology supplies in your kit!

What textbooks or reading materials will my school use?

Milady is the most common series of textbooks you’ll see in use at beauty schools across the United States. They have textbooks for barbering, cosmetology, esthetics, makeup, nail technology, massage therapy, salon and spa management, and instructor training. They also have accompanying eBooks, an online licensing exam preparation tool, CourseMate with online learnings, and several accompanying workbooks to choose from. Milady has been setting the standard for beauty and wellness education since 1927. They also have a number of books about business fundamentals, career advice, a cosmetics ingredients dictionary, an industry terms dictionary, retail management, anatomy and physiology, hair structure and chemistry, professional “soft skills,” and many other related topics that can help you become the best possible beauty or wellness professional.

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What is a cosmetology tool belt? How is it different from a kit?

A cosmetology tool belt is a much more limited storage of your tools that you wear on your person. This is an actual tool belt where you can store your most critical tools that you use most often. Many stylists and makeup artists choose to wear a cosmetology belt with their favorite brushes, combs, shears and other tools so they are quick and easy to access in the middle of a style.

How do mannequin heads come into play in beauty school?

Mannequin HeadsMannequin heads or hands are also an essential part of the beauty school student kit and also one of the top cosmetology supplies you will need. Your mannequin heads and hands are your first set of hair and nail "clients." These mannequin heads will help you practice the things you learn and develop your cosmetology skills. These mannequins will usually have varying hair textures and weights to help you learn hairstyling skills with a variety of different circumstances.

Can the supplies in my student kit be used on my board exams?

Yes. It is expected that students will use the supplies from their student kit both throughout the training at school, and on the practical licensing exam. Your school should help you prepare for the cosmetology board licensing exams, and you should receive a list of exactly which supplies you need to bring and how they need to be organized for the exam. It usually includes organizing your supplies in individual transparent bags with clear labels of the contents. Take great care of your supplies during school so they will be in great condition on exam day. Many cosmetologists advise to bring extras of whatever you can for the exam, in case you were to drop something or if one of your supplies were to malfunction.

Can I use the supplies in my student kit after I graduate?

If you invest in a high quality student kit and take great care of your supplies, many cosmetologists end up continuing to use the shears and other supplies from the student kit well after graduation.

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