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Nevada State Board of Cosmetology License Requirements

Nevada Board of Cosmetology License Information

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

In order to obtain a license in cosmetology, esthetics or nail technology in the state of Nevada, students must complete the requirements listed below from the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology. When getting a Nevada cosmetology license or other beauty practitioner certification, you must attend a licensed school and complete the state of Nevada's minimum required training hours and then take the state's cosmetology board exams: theory, practical and law.

After finishing your training, you are required to pass the three aforementioned licensing exams issued by the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology. Once you pass this exam, you will receive your Nevada cosmetology license shortly thereafter. You're now able to work in the state of Nevada. Keep in mind, even though Nevada may not require continuing education to renew some licenses, you may wish to consider taking cosmetology continuing education hours in Nevada annually to stay current on the latest trends. For specific questions, please contact the NV Board of Cosmetology directly for more information. The state of NV does not typically allow apprenticeship to get your training hours, however some exceptions may be made for people who live too far from schools and meet the board's criteria. NV uses the National Interstate Council (NIC) written test and allows you to take the written exams in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean, and an applicant can request an interpreter for additional languages not offered by this Board at their own expense. The interpreter must be approved prior to testing.

Find Nevada beauty schools that can help you obtain a license in cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology and other beauty professions in the State of Nevada.

The Nevada Board of Cosmetology has no jurisdiction over: barbering, permanent makeup or massage therapy. Barbering falls under the Barber's Health and Sanitation Board. Permanent makeup falls under the Clark County Health Department. Massage therapy is regulated by the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists.

Nevada Board of Cosmetology License Requirements

  • HAIR BRAIDER LICENSE: 240 Hours + Affidavits & NIC Testing Guidelines
  • BARBER LICENSE: 1500 Hours (Barber Board: 702-456-6700)
  • ELECTROLOGIST LICENSE: 1000 Hours or 500 Hours Apprenticeship
  • COSMETOLOGY INSTRUCTOR LICENSE: Cosmetology License + 500 Hours with a Provisional Instructor License, OR 1000 Hours without
  • MASSAGE THERAPIST LICENSE: 500 Hours (Massage Board: 775-688-1888 x101)
  • COSMETICS DEMONSTRATOR: Law & Sanitation Exam, must work only in a salon applying make for sale
  • THREADING LOCATIONS & PRACTITIONERS: Must register before January 1 each year

Nevada Cosmetology License Renewal

Cosmetology license renewal in Nevada happens every 2 years on the licensee's birthday. The cost to renew your license in Nevada is $70. NV does require 30 cosmetology continuing education hours during the 2-year licensure period for cosmetology instructors only, and the instructors must submit proof of those board-approved hours (which are listed on the cosmetology board's website). All renewal applicants must take and pass an online infection control test, which consists of watching a video and answering multiple choice questions at the end. You must print out the certificate upon passing the exam and submit that along with your renewal application, the $70 renewal fee, and two passport-sized photos. 

Cosmetology License Reciprocity (Transfer) in Nevada

To transfer your cosmetology license to Nevada, you must have a current license in good standing from your home state and proof that you have passed an NIC written exam. All applicants for reciprocity with Nevada under the Cosmetology Board jurisdiction must take the law exam in the state of Nevada (does not include barbernig). If you do not take the NIC test, you must take the Law exam. If you are from Florida, you need all 3 exams. Barbering does not have reciprocity in NV.

NV State Board of Cosmetology Contact Information

Nevada State Board of Cosmetology
1785 E. Sahara Ave., Suite 255
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone Number: 702-486-6542
Fax Number: 702-369-8064
E-mail Address:

The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating change of name or change of address information, and acquiring out-of-state and other useful forms, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining a Nevada state cosmetology license. A duplicate license may be applied for according to the new Nevada law that recently passed. All licensees requesting duplicate licenses must fill out a form, have it notarized, submit two passport quality photos, and pay the $25 duplicate license fee. The Nevada board cannot help applicants with duplicate licenses who have out-of-state licenses.

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