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Creative Schools Manchester
808 Main St
Manchester, CT 06040

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CONNECTICUT (alphabetized by city)
Allingford, CT

Welcome to Academy Di Capelli. We have been here for you for 10 years and our commitment to education has never been stronger...
Guilford, CT

We bring world-class education and training to the Connecticut shoreline. Located in a state-of-the- art facility, and staffed by masters in their field, we offer a comprehensive...
Newtown, CT

Our Academy's hands on reputation with clients ensures you a busy salon experience and a reputation for excellent customer service and is only the first step on your new journey...
Norwalk, CT

Sono Academy is seeking artistic and creative people with the passion and drive to succeed and exceed in the field of cosmetology and all that it has to offer.
Seymour, CT

We are dedicated to your learning process as we prepare you for a lifelong career. Our schools comprehensive training program will give you a solid foundation upon...
Wallingford, CT

A full-service beauty school dedicated to consistently providing the highest quality cosmetology education by rendering an excellent curriculum, quality products...

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