Laser Hair Removal Schools by State

Temporary hair removal techniques were the only options available for hundreds of years, so being hair-free meant spending hours shaving, applying creams, or ripping hair out with wax. No wonder people wanted a better option!

Laser hair removal is that better option. Though it requires maintenance over the years, it often has a permanent effect on hair growth rates and hair thickness. Help your clients end years of embarrassing excessive hair growth and let them feel comfortable in their bodies.

Check out the laser training programs available to you with our state-by-state list of beauty schools.

The Future of Laser Hair Removal

Why get involved in laser hair removal now? To put it simply, people want this treatment now. If you do a good job on a client’s initial hair removal sessions, you may turn them into a lifetime maintenance client, offering you income stability and a great source of references. Skin care is growing rapidly in cosmetology, leading to an expected 12% increase in job openings through 2024 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Skin care specialists in American earn an average salary of $30,090 per year (BLS, 2016).

What You Can Learn as a Laser Student

The thorough training you can complete as a laser student can help you become a skilled, independent laser technician. When you begin your education, you can learn about skin analysis, hair analysis, and how tissue reacts to laser hair removal. Your instructors should show you how to assess patients’ skin and determine whether a reaction is normal or abnormal. Your classroom hours may cover excessive hair growth, as well as its genetic and hormonal causes.

Your practical training should cover the actual permanent hair removal process, including IPL, laser wavelength, laser chromophores, pulse duration, pulse width, and post-treatment care. In your post-care training, you should learn how to determine when a client has transitioned from hair clearing to maintenance. You may study techniques specific areas, like facial hair removal.

Becoming a Licensed Laser Hair Removal Technician

Licensing is the ultimate goal of education, so learn about your state’s licensing requirements before you start your education. Some states require students to first earn an esthetician license and then earn a master esthetician license to perform laser hair removal. Others have a separate laser hair removal license or outside certification, which tends to require far less training than the master esthetician path.

You can become part of your clients’ beauty routine as a laser technician. Discover how to remove hair from each part of the body and how to make clients feel comfortable. Find your state in the list below and get in touch with laser training programs near you.