Laser Hair Removal Schools by State

Want To Know More About Laser Hair Removal Training?

In many states, laser hair removal technicians must earn an esthetics license before qualifying for work. After completing an esthetics program, we would advise pursuing a standalone laser hair removal program, as well, which can result in certification.

Even in states where this practice is not regulated, employers and clients expect technicians to have top-quality skills. After all, this is not a procedure you can just teach yourself or guess at.

That’s why we compiled the following information to help you successfully purse a career as a laser hair removal tech.

Wondering how to learn laser hair removal techniques?

We know there are several resources for finding laser hair removal education requirements and other info.

However, we offer you several benefits, such as:

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Alright, now let’s talk about what can happen after your laser hair removal education and become certified…

Laser hair removal facts & information

The best way to understand your career potential and job landscape is to speak with employers and beauty schools near you. However, the following sections of information should give you a pretty good idea of what this laser hair removal jobs entail.

Career opportunities for laser hair removal techs

Laser hair removal technicians can work in several types of work environments, including:

  • Salons
  • Spas
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Plastic surgery

Do you have a specific type of work environment in mind that would be ideal for you? It can’t hurt to browse business listings in your area to see what kinds of offices might be hiring. And if you have connections with professionals, tap their brains for information about finding laser hair removal training and pursuing a career.

Laser hair removal facts & figures

For data we trust, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is our main source of information. Let’s take a look at what they say about this career choice, and some additional information about laser hair removal education that is relevant as well.

Quick Laser Hair Removal Facts:

  • BLS predicts job growth for skincare specialists to be 12% through 2024
  • Average salary was $30,090 according to 2017 website information
  • Most laser techs work full-time, which can include evenings and weekends
  • Cost can vary, but we have seen laser training that costs anywhere from $4-6,000+, depending on the scope of the program
  • You can typically add this skill on to your existing skillset
  • Some schools offer Associate’s programs in laser hair removal
  • Some add-on certificates can be completed in just a few weeks

Now, let’s talk about some professional resources and ways you can boost your chances of career success…

Additional ways to boost your laser hair removal career…

There is no time like the present to adopt these professional habits and tips for success…

  • Check out the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal for industry and certification information
  • Build a LinkedIn profile for your resume – and keep up with other cosmetology professionals on this social network
  • Look for continuing education courses and other ways to keep up with your industry
  • Ask each school you speak to about local opportunities to network with peers and mentors

Ready to compare laser hair removal training programs?

If you’re excited to start working in laser hair removal, or want to look at esthetician programs, let’s go! We can help you contact schools that offer both types of programs. Advisors should be ready to answer your questions about your state’s licensure and laser hair removal education requirements.

When you speak with schools about laser hair removal training, use this checklist to make sure you stay focused:

  • Accreditation. Make sure their curriculum meets state requirements.
  • Training hours. If your state requires them, how will they help you achieve this goal?
  • Program schedule and duration. Make sure the program you choose can adapt to your life and responsibilities.
  • Financial aid options. It is critical to understand the facts about paying for beauty school. See if you can plan a strategy for paying your tuition, and a budget you can live with. And make sure you understand the repayment terms and expectations.

Good luck on your path towards a career in this field. Be sure to let us know if you find the perfect laser hair removal education!