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Becoming A Cosmetologist In Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, AL, is one of the most populous cities in the state of Alabama, employing over 160,000 people (BLS, 2015). It attracts plenty of tourists every year to sample its southern coastal cuisine, play on world-class golf courses and visit historic sites. A city of this magnitude also hold numerous career opportunities in virtually every field, including the beauty trade. 

The cosmetology industry is continually growing, as everyone wants to look good, and many prefer professional stylists to help them do just that. Whether your interest is in styling hair or doing makeup or giving manicures and pedicures, there are plenty of beauty schools in Mobile, AL that can assist you in gaining the skills you need to make your dream a reality.

The cosmetology schools in Mobile are advantageous for several reasons. Not only can they help you refine your talents, but they give you the technical and business knowledge you need to succeed in the city. If you enjoy the historical city of Mobile, and want to begin or further your cosmetology career in this southern state, attending an accredited cosmetology program in Mobile is your best first step.

Working In Cosmetology In Mobile

Choosing to attend one of the cosmetology schools in Mobile, AL can help prepare you for an exciting future in the beauty business. You could work in one of Mobile's top salons, or you could work toward the knowledge you need to become a cosmetology teacher yourself. You could even set a goal to open your own salon and be your own boss. With the right positive motivation, business mind and starting capital, you can take advantage of the numerous opportunities that exist for cosmetologists in a city like Mobile.

The first step to getting your start in the cosmetology industry in Mobile is to attend a beauty school and obtain the skillful techniques and professional certification you need to get your goals in motion. 

What Can I Make As A Cosmetologist In Mobile?

Regardless of your future beauty career plans, a solid education at one of Mobile, AL, beauty schools can help you prepare. After completing your Cosmetology program, you can apply for licensure and move on to choosing the salon or setting you'd like to work in. Working in cosmetology in the U.S. can lead to a median annual salary of $22,770 or $10.95/hour, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures. They also predict 13% growth over the next few years, with demand for hair treatments, coloring and straightening expected to increase (BLS, 2015).

Cosmetologists in Mobile, AL earn a slightly higher mean hourly wage of $11.25, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics' latest figures. This translates to a mean annual wage of $23,390 for hairstylists and cosmetologists in Mobile (BLS, 2015). If you are ready to complete your education and enter the career field of beauty technicians in this area, you can likely find your niche easily among the hundreds of positions in Mobile.

For detailed 2015 salary information in the cosmetology field, see the figures listed below. 

  • Alabama Median Hourly Wage: $10.12
  • Alabama Mean Hourly Wage: $11.68
  • Mobile, AL Median Hourly Wage: $9.96
  • Mobile, AL Mean Hourly Wage: $11.25


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