Beauty Schools and Cosmetology Schools in Chula Vista, CA

If you are interested in a professional beauty career, there are many beauty school options in the Chula Vista area. Cosmetologists specialize in hairdressing and also perform nail, makeup and skin care services. Barbers focus their work almost entirely on men's hair, short hair, and shaving services. Makeup artistry is a popular choice among beauty students because some get to work in the world of theater, film and television. Manicurists do more than just clean and shape finger and toenails; increasingly, skilled nail technicians create amazing fingernail art statements for their clients. Estheticians or skin care specialists cleanse and beautify facial and body skin.

Salaries for Beauty Professionals in Chula Vista

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calculates that California cosmetologists earn an annual average salary of $27,880 before tips, and skincare specialists average $32,610 per year before tips in Chula Vista. Nail technicians in Chula Vista earn an average annual salary of $21,400 before tips. California makeup artists specialize in performance cosmetics have the highest earning potential, averaging $71,470 before tips. This is a competitive specialty with most jobs available in Los Angeles. California has no separate makeup artist license, so these specialists must get licenses as estheticians or cosmetologists. The San Diego and Chula Vista areas have more manicurist jobs than most other cities in the nation. The BLS also reports the area has some of the highest manicurist job numbers in California. Barbers in Southern California earn an average income of $24,720 per year before tips. The personal appearance careers should grow by 14% for barbers to 25% for estheticians by 2020 according to the BLS.

California License Requirements

The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology licenses all beauty professionals here. These professions require classroom or on-the-job training, plus written and practical exams. Tests are offered in English, Spanish, Vietnamese or Korean. Cosmetologists complete 1600 hours in the classroom or a 3200-hour apprenticeship for their licenses. Barbers complete 1500 hours in the classroom or a 3200-hour apprenticeship. Estheticians take 600 hours in school, or work for 1200 hours as an apprentice. Makeup artists must be licensed as either estheticians or cosmetologists. The Board requires manicurists complete a 400-hour classroom training program or a two-year apprenticeship of at least 3200 hours, plus 220 additional classroom hours.

Scholarships & Networking in Chula Vista

Beauty school students in Chula Vista may apply for several state, national or corporate scholarships to help pay for school. The Professional Beauty Federation of California is one resource to find financial aid and professional networking opportunities. Many beauty product manufacturers also offer California-only scholarships, as does the California Cosmetology Association (CCA). Many beauty schools, employers and product manufacturers also sponsor local events like fashion shows and photo shoots in the San Diego region.

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Bellus Academy is dedicated to graduating the top beauty and wellness industry professionals by providing quality education.
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Bellus Academy is dedicated to graduating the top beauty and wellness industry professionals by providing quality education.
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