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Major metropolitan areas can often have large, thriving beauty industries, which is definitely true for the city of San Diego. This city of 1.3 million residents is the second-largest city in California and the eighth-largest city in the entire country. With such a diverse and growing population, beauty professionals can use their skills to work with many different people.

If you're ready to take the first step in your beauty career, consult our list of San Diego beauty schools and contact any schools you may be interested in attending.

Beauty Salaries in San Diego

One benefit of living and working in a large city is the fact that salaries are often higher than they are in rural or suburban areas. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that beauty salaries tend to vary widely. They report the following salary ranges in the San Diego area:

  • Hairdressers and cosmetologists: $18,390 to $54,180 per year
  • Nail technicians: $17,300 to $24,680 per year
  • Skincare specialists: $17,410 to $57,900 per year

While experience and seniority play a big role in your salary, the type of job you decide to take also affects your income. For example, salon employees may earn a base salary plus tips, while self-employed stylists that rent a chair at a salon may have to find their own clients and collect their own payments. Salon owners may have a greater earning potential, but this route requires quite a bit of business acumen.

License Requirements in California

One goal of beauty schools in San Diego is to prepare you for cosmetology licensure in California. Licensure of all beauty professionals is overseen by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Check out your career path below to find out how many hours of training you must complete:

  • Cosmetology: 1,600 hours
  • Barbering: 1,500 hours
  • Esthetics: 600 hours
  • Nail technician: 400 hours

Your training should prepare you for the licensing exams. You'll need to take a written exam in your specialty as well as a comprehensive skills exam.

Getting Around and Networking

The public transit system in San Diego means that you can skip parking meters, car registration fees, and the high cost of gas. San Diego has a trolley and bus system that goes all over the city, so you can get to work and school on your schedule. They also have a student pass that allows you to pay once and ride all semester long.

One of the best ways to get in touch with the cosmetology community of California is joining the California Cosmetology Association. This group offers scholarships, training events, and networking events that can help you find job opportunities in your area.

Don’t wait to start your career in the beauty industry! Contact the beauty programs in our directory to compare programs today! Also consider these nearby beauty schools. View Anaheim, CA, Bakersfield, CA and Concord, CA.

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El Cajon, CA

Bellus Academy is dedicated to graduating the top beauty and wellness industry professionals by providing quality education.
Poway, CA

Bellus Academy is dedicated to graduating the top beauty and wellness industry professionals by providing quality education.
Tustin, CA

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