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If you're eager to begin an exciting new career, consider attending beauty schools in Pensacola, FL. The most recent job statistics data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2010, 712,200 people had jobs as barbers, hairdressers or cosmetologists, and that they expect a 14 percent increase to 813,000 jobs by the year 2020. Growth in the industry is expected to be good in coming years. Also, Florida's mild weather and reputation as a popular tourist destination make it a growing market for cosmetology jobs, and there are several beauty schools in Pensacola, FL to choose from. In order to customize the learning experience, many schools offer a combination of in-class and hands-on learning, classes tailored to commuting students, and even courses held on nights or weekends to accommodate students with differing schedules. The BLS also notes that most educational courses of study in this industry take at least 9 months to complete. The end result of coursework preparedness to take the Florida state cosmetology license exam, and often an associate's degree. Beyond basic skills in hairstyling, haircutting, and makeup techniques, many cosmetology schools in Pensacola, FL offer courses in specialty subjects such as massage, spa treatments, and colorist certification, enabling students to enhance their education in areas of personal interest. A career as a cosmetologist requires a person to interact well with others. Customers may need to describe intricate details of a complex hairstyle or beauty treatment, and the cosmetologist must be able to listen carefully to a customer's request, and provide appropriate advice without interrupting. Therefore, some beauty schools in Pensacola, FL teach about client communication to help students hone their ability to convey the appropriate messages during face-to-face encounters with clients, peers, and superiors. Also, many cosmetologists decide to become self-employed after establishing themselves in the industry. The Career Research Center at The Riley Guide website reports that approximately 45% of people in this career path are self-employed. Therefore, a few cosmetology schools in Pensacola, FL may offer courses in entrepreneurship and management.  

For students who are considering a new and exciting career, the cosmetology industry offers many appealing possibilities to explore. Also consider beauty schools in these nearby areas: cosmetology schools in Tallahassee, FL, cosmetology schools in Mobile, AL, and all Florida beauty schools.

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Virginia College can prepare you for great opportunities in the dynamic field of Cosmetology...
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As the world changes and the need for increased cosmetic skills grows dramatically, the demand
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ACAS - Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences is an elite teaching institution specializing in the fine arts of cosmetic and medical tattoo enhancement training. 

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