Beauty Schools and Cosmetology Schools in Columbus, OH

Are you interested in starting a beauty career in Columbus? This city of 787,000 people is the largest in the entire state. When you count in tourists and visitors from nearby areas, it's clear that you may have a large potential client base as a Columbus beauty professional. Since Columbus is ranked as one of the top American cities for business, there may be lots of people who need to look their best at all times in this area.

Take a look at our list of Ohio cosmetology schools to see what specialties are available and how you can get started.

Beauty Salaries in Columbus

With the range of salons and specialty spas in Columbus, it's no surprise that salaries tend to vary in the field of cosmetology. Your income may fluctuate depending on where you work, how much experience you have, and the reputation you have for your work. Working hard and furthering your education whenever you can are two great ways to possibly boost your earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists these salary ranges in the Columbus area:

  • Cosmetologists: $17,390 to $39,200 per year
  • Manicurists: $17,310 to $38,920 per year
  • Skincare specialists: $17,240 to $52,720 per year

Your income may be dependent on whether you are a salon employee, a contractor that rents a chair, or a salon owner. You can look into all of these jobs in your area to see which best suits your needs.

License Requirements in Ohio

Before you're eligible for licensure and employment in Ohio, you must go through the process laid out by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. Before allowing you to take your licensing exams, the Board will verify that you've met their education requirements:

  • Barbers: 1,800 hours
  • Cosmetologists: 1,500 hours
  • Hair stylists: 1,200 hours
  • Estheticians: 750 hours
  • Nail technicians: 200 hours

At this point, you can take the written and skills exams administered by the Board. You can receive a license that must be renewed by the end of January every odd-numbered year.

Getting Around and Networking

To stay ahead of trends in the beauty industry, you need to network with other beauty professionals and attend continuing education events. You can do both by joining the Ohio Independent Cosmetologist & Barber Association. This group also offers advocacy and legislative support to cosmetologists.

If you want to get to school without the hassle of a car, look into the Central Ohio Transit Authority. This public transit system allows to you travel around Columbus and other nearby cities.

Find beauty schools in Columbus by using our directory of programs in your area!

Beauty schools in Columbus, OH can help  your career to grow and thrive. Look through the list below to get started!

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Cosmetology Schools in Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH

Our Spa School has recently been re-designed to be a leading educational facility in the area of Spa Sciences and Arts. A unique style of education - in a salon-like setting.
Columbus, OH

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Westerville, OH

Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology (OSSC) has offered instruction in cosmetology and related professions continuously...
Columbus, OH

The Aveda Institute Columbus was founded to create the most successful entrepreneurs in the beauty and skin care industry. Our curriculum entails practical knowledge gained...
Hilliard, OH

Our Westpointe school was designed and built expressly to provide salon-oriented training - the hallmark of NBA schools...
Canal Winchester, OH

Often credited with being the world's second oldest profession, and always regarded as one of the top occupations for career longevity. It is, essentially, hair and skin services for men...
Canal Winchester, OH

Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology (OSSC) has offered instruction in cosmetology and related professions continuously...
Heath, OH

Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology (OSSC) has offered instruction in cosmetology and related professions continuously...

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