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If you are searching for the perfect nail school, you have come to the right place. There are hundreds of nail technology schools to choose from throughout the United States and Canada. Choose a state below to get a list of nail tech schools near you. Once you have found one or more nail design colleges in which you are interested, simply click "Request Info" to contact the nail school directly. The nail college will contact you shortly to help you start down the path to becoming a nail technician.

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Considering a career in nail technology? Here's what you need to know.

Nail technology is an aspect of cosmetology that allows for creativity and design, and is specifically tied to manicures, pedicures and nail care. People of all lifestyles turn to a nail technicians to enhance their personal style with a polished look that catches the eye. If you are considering a job of the beauty industry, but prefer a shorter and more affordable route of training in a niche beauty service, nail technology might be for you.

What a Nail Technician Does

Nail technicians do manicures and pedicures in a professional setting such as a spa or salon. They are typically responsible for shaping nails, cuticle grooming, applying artificial nails and nail art. A technician is also usually trained in working with the latest nail technology equipment, such as electric files, nail drills and air guns.

Nail Tech Educational Requirements

To becoome a licensed nail care technician, you must complete a nail technology training program at a qualified institution such as a nail school or cosmetology schools. Most comprehensive cosmetolgoy programs include hair and nails, but if you want to narrow your focus, a nail technology-specific program is best. Classes will cover not only the process of nail care, but the safety, sanitation and heath guidelines too. Most nail schools require you to have a high school diploma or GED to enroll, and be at least 16 years of age - but always check with the school to be sure. Nail tech training will include hours of hands-on work perfecting each individual technique. One clear benefit to nail school is that the programs are typically short and affordable and you can get to work quickly.

Nail Technician Licensing Requirements

The licensing requirements to become a nail technician will vary by state. Most will include a written exam and practical exam, and proof that you have completed a set number of training hours. Nail trends change often and a professional technician will need to stay up-to-date on current practices. This may include taking continuing education courses or workshops that teach new styles for both manicures and pedicures.

Salary of Nail Technicians

The salary range of a nail technician varies based on a lot of different factors, including where you live, how long you've been in the business, your skills and creativity, and how you market yourself. Average nail technicians earn $15.52 per hour, but the salary range varies widely and many nail technicians fail to report all their tips and freelance income so it's difficult to get accurate estimates. 

Job Demand for Nail Techs

Nail technology is a career path that can also provide varied work opportunities. From business pros to stay-at-home moms, people are always looking to get that clean, put-together and polished look for their hands and feet. A nail career can take you to high-end salons and spas for work, or you may even wish to open your own nail salon. Job opportunities for trained professionals are expected to grow as much as 19 percent even in a job-depressed market. So if you have big dreams and goals for your nail technician career, it all starts with nail school training.

Nail technician is an exciting opportunity for anyone considering a specialty role in the cosmetology field. Find a local nail technician college and start down the road to becoming a skilled nail tech.