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2-810 Saddleback Road NW
Edmonton, AB T6J 4W4

Welcome to CDI College - Edmonton South

The art and science of massage can be used to free others from pain, aches and anxiety. It can awaken health, restore vitality and invigorate life.

Let our experienced instructors guide you toward a career providing this meaningful service. At CDI College - Edmonton South Campus, we are committed to helping students become skillful massage therapists capable of working in a wide range of health, wellness and medical environments.

About Our Massage Therapy Program

We have a unique, student-centered approach to education. At CDI College - Edmonton South Campus, your personal and professional development is our primary goal.

Our comprehensive program integrates theory with practical, hands-on learning. Ethics, communication and nutrition are covered in addition to some of today's most sought-after massage techniques.

During your training, you can progress through the following course components:

• Treatment massage
• Anatomy palpation
• Massage techniques
• Clinic internship
• Career services assistance

About Your Clinical Internship

At CDI College - Edmonton South Campus, we want to help you cultivate a career where you can flourish - personally, professionally and financially. Your clinical internship can be a very valuable phase of your development.

Students are given the opportunity to gain real-world experience, develop a personal style and explore customer service techniques.


Career Services Assistance

At CDI College - Edmonton City Centre, our commitment to your success doesn't end when your education does. That's why we provide career services assistance. We'll work to help you find satisfactory employment.

We can also guide you through developing personal marketing tools such as:

• Interview techniques
• Resumes
• Business cards
• Thank you notes
• Cover letters

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Massage therapists have the personal satisfaction of knowing that they're helping others.

Our experienced instructors, hands-on training and excellent student services mean that CDI College - Edmonton City Centre can lead you to career success. Financial assistance is also available for those who qualify. Contact us today!


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