Cosmotech School of Cosmetology

Portland, ME

Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) Portland, ME

39 Mechanic Street
Portland, ME 04092

At Cosmotech we believe that," Beauty Changes Lives!" 

Take a look around you. It's see it on TV, you see it in magazines, you see it at the mall. You see it every day when you get ready and look in the mirror. Beauty, style, and image ...we all have our own ways of expressing it. How lucky is the beauty professional, who gets to be a part of it all! Where else do you get to create on a daily basis and change people's lives? To the make-up artist, the face is their canvas. To the hairstylist, a head of hair is their unique sculpture. Beauty professionals love what they do. They are united by their desire to create and change the lives of others.

Cosmotech provides exemplary education and upholds high standards of excellence in its faculty, staff, students, and educational programs. Our dynamic team of instructors, continue to evolve with the industry's hottest trends. We believe our small school and class sizes set us apart from any other school in the state. You will receive a tremendous amount of hands on experience due to our busy clinic and low Instructor to student ratios.

Our Comprehensive Programs: 


Our well rounded curriculum offers a thorough training in the fundamentals of beauty culture. We have recently become a CHI ENVIRONMENTAL SCHOOL. Our school kits have CHI accessories and styling tools. We carry the product and color line as well as the backing and support system of world renowned education. We also teach the Framesi color system as well.


We are proud to be the only CREATIVE NAIL DESIGN ACADEMY in the state, which features the latest in technology, the SHELLAC system! We provide the finest products, technical, and educational support in the professional nail industry today.


We teach the world class Milady Master Educator course.

Cosmotech strongly supports the aspirations of our students:

Your license to practice will be your unlimited passport to glamour, excitement, and further education. You can build an international brand such as Jan Arnold has with Creative Nail Design or build a world-renowned name such as Farouk Shami, founder of Farouk Systems Biosilk and CHI. One may become a master colorist, makeup, or platform artist. You can create a one of a kind salon or have a thriving home based business. It's career with unlimited possibilities.

Questions to Consider:

Should I search for schools nearby? Not necessarily. Many students are willing to relocate or travel hours to attend the school that's best for them.

Cosmotech has students that commute from 60 to 100 miles daily to attend its institution.

Does the school have an informative website? It should pertain to the school location you are inquiring about and give lots of info about the school. Be sure to read the testimonials that reflect your particular school. It will give you personal insight.

Cosmotech takes great pride in what people say about the quality of service and salon ready graduates it provides the industry.

What is the instructor to student ratio? This is a very important question when touring a school. Smaller class sizes will maximize your learning potential, provide more personal time with your instructor, and more opportunity to bond with other students. You don't want to be lost in a sea of students or wait an hour for an instructor to check your work.

Cosmotech keeps its class sizes small! The owner has been a Cosmetologist for 23 years and is currently taking the instructors course to lend her experience and talent to her students. She knows what it takes to produce a truly "salon ready" graduate. Our dedicated team, of talented instructors, has the compassion and caring to help you every step of the way.

What are the schools job placement rates? You want to make sure the school has high placement rates and excellent working relationships with local salons for job placement when you graduate.

Cosmotech's owner personally visits salons and networks with salon owners/managers to establish great working relationships for job placement. Salon owners and industry professionals come in and teach classes on new trends and industry needs. We maintain a high placement rate!

Does the school provide clients for you? Make sure the school allows you to work on clients, not bring your own models, after 200 hours. Hands on experience will better prepare you to be salon ready. You don't want to be stuck in manikin alley for months. Ask how many haircuts, etc. a graduating student has there.

Cosmotech has a busy student clinic with a salon atmosphere. Students from Cosmotech have graduated with over 400 haircuts!

Accreditations and Financial Aid

Our school is approved by the U.S. Department of Education and eligible to participate in Title IV Financial Aid programs. Our Financial Assistant Department is available to guide you through the application process for financial aid in your state.
Certified by State Approving Agency for Veterans' Educational Benefits.

We look forward to helping you become on enterprising professional! Get ready to change lives!



Request Information about tuition, enrollment, program requirements, and more!

Request information about tuition, financial aid, school requirements, and more!

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