Denmark College | Chicago, IL

Denmark College | Chicago, IL
214 South Wabash, Chicago, IL, 60604

Success Schools is now Denmark College!


Our Mission

The College is committed to providing quality instruction using a combination of classroom theory and hands-on training designed to prepare the student for successful entrance into their chosen career field.

Barber Program

In our barber program we work from the beginning of the haircut to the end, without retracing our steps. This involves working our haircut top to bottom, long to short, always blending from our last length into our next length.

This technique has been employed by barbers for hundreds of years, before the invention of the clipper. By coupling this approach with modern tools and implements, and techniques, our barbers can perform ANY haircut or combination of styles as they change with time, never having to say: "I never learned this haircut". We do NOT teach each haircut individually, we teach all of the skills and techniques needed to achieve an favorable result in any haircut, in a timely manner. This technique also allows the barber to tailor each haircut to the client's head, so that each and every haircut compliments the client, as opposed to a "cookie cutter" approach which often leaves the client looking funny or odd with a haircut that does not fit their head shape.

Along with this technique and teaching style, we keep a watchful eye on each student as they work, offering advice, helpful tips, and correction as needed to ensure the client receives exactly what they're asking for, no matter how odd or different from the norm. Our licensed instructors have been trained exactly the same as our students, so the student never hears contradictory advice from one instructor to the other and we NEVER scold our students for their performance in front of the client. Aside from assisting each student as they work, every haircut at Denmark College is checked by a licensed instructor at the end of the service to make certain the client is happy with the end result of the service.

Financial Aid Available to Those Who Qualify 


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