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Gene Juarez Academy

Federal Way, WA

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Member of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) South Seattle Campus

2222 South 314th Street
South Seattle Campus
Federal Way, WA 98003

"The skill level that you gain at the academy is above and beyond anywhere else. I would recommend Gene Juarez Academy to anyone!"
- Tiffany Wolf, Gene Juarez Academy Graduate

Be Ahead of the Industry

Our academy staff knows what it takes to be successful in the beauty industry here and around the world. Since 1987, we have trained more successful cosmetology professionals than anyone else in the Pacific Northwest. Our graduates go on to stand center-stage at industry-leading events, provide style counsel to celebrities or simply help people feel beautiful inside and out at well-known salon establishments around the world.

Learn from Industry Experts

Founded in 1971, Gene Juarez Salons & Spas has been the definitive authority on hair, beauty and wellness in the Pacific Northwest and the name Gene Juarez is internationally recognized for being synonymous with outstanding artistic excellence. The success of our students and our education program is due to the investment we make in our educators under the Gene Juarez brand. To stay current on trends and technique as well as teaching methods, they continually train and develop both personally and professionally.

Experience More than Cosmetology

True, we teach cosmetology, but we also teach foundational, real-world skills you need to be confident long before your first working day, and on into a lifelong career. You'll learn how to:

• Build a loyal, repeat clientele
• Develop a professional portfolio
• Confidently search for a job
• Prescribe the right retail products
• Stay ahead of industry trends and techniques in hair, nail and skin care services
• Build a successful salon and spa organization with 5-star client service
• Work with top professional lines: Redken, L'Oreal Professional, Moroccan Oil, identity1 and more
• Effectively prepare for your licensing exam

Each component of our curriculum, from enrollment to graduation, is designed to enable you to secure success.

You'll study communication skills, goal achievement, portfolio management, job search techniques and licensing exam preparation in a fun and creative learning environment. Our dedicated and passionate education team will guide and support you every step of the way.

Experience a Different Learning Process

We're the only cosmetology school in the Pacific Northwest that provides a training program developed by the internationally renowned, The Pacific Institute. You'll study communication skills to better relate to clients and coworkers, goal achievement to carry you forward and study skills to apply now. Our program develops individual potential through the achievement of personal and professional goals.


Follow a Life-Friendly Training Schedule

Our training schedule helps students live a more balanced life and minimize stress while attending the Academy.

3-Day Learning Schedule: Our program places you in school for three 10-hour days each week. This gives you four days each week to balance work, play, family and friends.

• Complete our program in just over a year
• Work while attending school with a flexible schedule
• Reduce your daycare expenses by tailoring your class time
• Spend more days with family and friends

"I love what we learn, how we learn it, the three-day schedule, and I love the fact that the instructors truly care about our success! I am happy to say I would refer anyone to Gene Juarez Academy if they were ever interested in a career in cosmetology."

- Jessica Dahl, Gene Juarez Academy Student

Get Plenty of Real World Experience

On average each campus serves more than 500 guests per week. Our reputation as a premiere salon organization attracts a wide variety of real clients to your chair so you gain experience with an abundance of hair types of and styles in a salon-like setting.

The student experience extends past the classroom and clinic by providing opportunities to participate in artistic competitions, portfolio and fashion shows, attend industry events as well as provide services to those in need at community outreach events throughout the Puget Sound.

Then, Launch Your Own Career

Our alumni can be found working at well-known establishments throughout the Pacific Northwest, nationally from Los Angeles to New York and internationally from Paris to Tokyo. They consult with industry-leading beauty brands, style celebrities and music legends, work on-set for fashion week photo shoots, consult for national magazines and more. Best of all, industry recruiters recognize the quality of our education, which makes our graduates among the most sought after.

Gene Juarez Academy provides students and alumni with placement assistance services.

We create a customized financial plan for every student. As an accredited school, we are able to offer financial aid and scholarships to those who qualify.

"Gene Juarez has such a structured and well-planned program. I felt very prepared to go out and be a stylist in a professional setting right off the bat. I loved the instructors and my fellow students and felt comfortable at the school. Every day was full of learning and opportunity for me." - Kendall Canady, Gene Juarez Academy Graduate


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