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Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) Complete Cosmetology, Including Spa Training. We Do It All, We Do It Well, And We Do It All Over Town!

A Member of The Salon Schools Group
5050 North High St
Columbus, OH 43214

The Facility
Our Spa School is a well respected and leading educational facility in the area of Spa Sciences and Arts.  The facility provides three areas of training - Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Nail Technology.  A stunning renovation was recently completed at the Spa School and we've also added 6,000 square feet of "Aaahhh."  At the Spa School we've always offered our students a beautiful facility in which to train...but we decided "beautiful" wasn't enough.  So we went for awesome, inspiring, inviting, incredible, soothing, uplifting, spectacular...and we came up with our new body, skin and nail services area "Southern Comfort."  Southern Comfort is inspired by the lazy, relaxing days of the Old South - transporting you to a time free of care and responsibility.  Features include double treatment rooms, private facial rooms, a beautiful waxing area, wet rooms, a Vichy shower, inviting manicure and pedicure stations and a fabulous makeup application room (complete with air brush makeup).  There simply is no other place like it.

Esthetics and Spa Services Program
One of the most exciting additions to the beauty industry in many years has been the advent of Spa services in salons. Mud wraps, exfoliating body treatments, aroma therapy, organic treatments, jacuzzi milk baths, and customized facials are just a few of the many services now offered in the finest Spa salons, and at the Spa school. The Spa School Esthetics Program offers training the art and science of skin care. Students learn both ancient and modern techniques for preserving and enhancing the health and beauty of skin, and practice their art in our lovely Southern Comfort clinic. The tranquil and peaceful atmosphere makes a perfect backdrop for the many relaxing and soothing services that are offered.

Managing Cosmetology
The focus of the managing cosmetology program is complete education, training you to become a hair, skin and nail care professional, while having the skills, knowledge and abilities to manage or own a salon. We offer a wide range of relevant products and professional techniques that are designed to prepare you to meet the challenges of any salon and work with any technique or product. It seems that each day a new product is introduced as the best volume-booster, skin-smoother or frizz-fighter. To prepare you for these changes, we change products frequently - exposing you to a variety of products will better prepare you to adapt in any salon.

Nail Technology
Nail Technology (Manicuring) is a specific practice of Cosmetology, and deals primarily with the care of hands and nails. The course teaches both technical and management skills, as well as nail sculpting, the application of artificial nails, pedicuring and Spa services. We have designed our course to go beyond entry level, and train the student in both salon skills and in salon ownership and management.

Beauty Begins Here
Our long history and excellent reputation have allowed us to become professional partners with hundreds of salons throughout Ohio which can lead to opportunities for interning and job placement. Our students are very popular with savvy salon owners looking for fresh talent!

Join Us!
By receiving your education at The Spa School - you will join the ranks of thousands of alumni who have gone on to successful careers as salon/spa owners, educators, movie makeup and hair artists, skin care specialists, fashion consultants, makeup artists, nail care specialists, platform artists, beauty/fashion writers, color specialists...the list is practically endless! Where do you see yourself?

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Request information about tuition, financial aid, school requirements, and more!

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