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What to Expect in Makeup Artist Programs

Makeup artistry is a complex and diverse field, which is reflected in the classes you take as a makeup student. Curriculum at makeup schools in California typically starts with basic makeup application courses. In these courses, you learn about makeup application tools and how to choose high-quality brushes. You can discover how to look at a client and figure out their bone structure, skin type, and face shape. By learning these skills, you can better apply what you learn in later courses. Your beginning makeup application courses may cover basic techniques for everyday beauty. By gaining experience in color selection, the application of eye, lip, and cheek makeup, and proper blending, you can learn how to please clients that just want a different look. As a makeup artist, it's likely that you'll spend quite a bit of time doing makeup for special events. That's why your program may have a course in bridal makeup, in which you learn how to highlight a bride's features and create a look that will last through tears, dancing, and sweat. Many programs also include coursework in makeup artistry for television and movies. This may teach you how makeup shows up on camera and how you have to change your makeup application. Throughout the course of these classes, you may tackle advanced types of makeup artistry. For example, airbrush makeup can be an excellent skill to master. If you want to find the best makeup schools in California, we can help you request information.

Salary and Career Outlook

As a makeup artist, your income depends on several different factors. Makeup artists that work in theatre or film may earn much higher salaries than makeup artists that work with a variety of clients. O*Net reports that cosmetologists, including makeup artists that work at salons, tend to earn between $17,700 and $43,800 per year. They indicate an average salary of $22,900 per year (O*Net, 2013). The job outlook for this field is very positive. Between 2010 and 2020, O*Net expects the demand for beauty professionals to increase by 19%, leading to over 1,500 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2010). The salary range for theatrical and performance makeup artists goes from $25,000 to $128,300, with an average salary of $76,700 per year (O*Net, 2013). Since this is such a small part of the field, there are no job outlook statistics available. Graduates of makeup artist schools in California can enjoy a strong job outlook. To increase your earning potential, it's important to develop as many makeup skills as possible. If you can work with people of varying skin types and styles, you may build a large client base more quickly.

Working as a Makeup Artist

Many women look to makeup to tweak their appearance and improve their self-esteem. However, for many make-up artists, this ends up being a life-changing opportunity. Michelle Phan, a celebrity YouTube makeup artist, told Glamour Magazine how doing makeup completely changed her outlook on life. Four years after first putting up a natural makeup tutorial, she was paid $1 million to create 20 hours of video on makeup application. Being resourceful, connecting with people, and constantly improving her technique allowed her to take her makeup skills and turn them into an incredibly successful career. Those are the keys of a career in makeup artistry: resourcefulness, working well with people, and always learning more. It's also crucial to be flexible; noted makeup artist Meli Pennington says that there may be days where you do not have any clients. However, if you have a weekend full of weddings, you could easily work over eight hours per day. If you go into film or theatre makeup, you may work away from home for long stretches of time when your production goes to other cities. It's also extremely common for makeup artists to work evening hours, weekend hours, and early morning hours. If you can stay flexible and meet the needs of your customers, you may find great success in this field. Don’t wait to pursue a creative career in the world of beauty. Contact California makeup schools today to request more information!

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Make-Up Artist Training Schools in California (alphabetized by city)
Canoga Park, CA

The Academy of Makeup & Fashion is LA's premier professional school of makeup. We specialize in Professional Makeup from Beauty to Brides and Media. Our Image and Fashion courses are offered 4 times a year.
Costa Mesa, CA

It is our mission at The ENZO Academy to offer you the highest quality education and cutting edge techniques - Elevating the professional craft.
Hollywood, CA

As a leader in the field of makeup education, our professional trainers are committed to providing makeup know-how and essential tools of the trade..
Los Angeles, CA

Our dream team of MVA Rockstar Celebrity Trainers provide a workshop designed to inspire and develop every student to their maximum potential!
North Hollywood, CA

Ruby Makeup Academy is coming to North Hollywood! We offer our students outstanding makeup artistry training in a fast-paced, one
Ontario, CA

Are you ready to go from beauty beginner to beauty expert? You can with Enzo Academy! Located in Ontario, CA.
Pico Rivera, CA

At David's Academy of Beauty, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and excellent training from experienced faculty. If you are interested in starting a career in the beauty and wellness industry, we have something for you.
Poway, CA

Bellus Academy is dedicated to graduating the top beauty and wellness industry professionals by providing quality education.
San Gabriel Valley, CA

We are conveniently located in the San Gabriel Valley, between Pasadena and El Monte. Are you ready for something new? Build a new career with training from one of the newest, hottest cosmetics companies!
Upland, CA

The world of makeup artistry has so many possibilities. Embrace your creativity and choose the certified makeup artistry training available at Ruby Make Up Academy.
Ventura, CA

The programs at Lu Ross Academy offer a well-rounded education that enables our graduates to establish a successful career in their chosen field.

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