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Proper skin care is a major part of beauty and most women’s daily routines. However, many people do not know how to take care of their skin properly to keep it looking beautiful and young. That is why estheticians are such an important part of Manitoba's beauty community. If you study esthetics, you can learn the skin care techniques that revitalize skin. Check out our list of esthetics programs in Manitoba below.

What to Expect in Esthetics School in Manitoba

During your training, you may learn about different procedures that are used by estheticians. The techniques and tools you use are utilized for cleaning, scrubbing, and strengthening skin.

As you proceed through training, you may discover how to perform in-demand skin care procedures like facial peels, microdermabrasion, and exfoliating treatments. Discovering how to use the latest types of technology can make you an excellent job applicant when you complete your training.

Salary and Career Outlook for Estheticians in Manitoba

Throughout Manitoba, the job outlook for beauty professionals is strong. This carries through to the specialty of esthetics. Per Manitoba Prospects, the job outlook for estheticians is good and is expected to remain so for several years to come. They note that average salaries in this field range from $26,901 per year to $36,750 per year (Manitoba Prospects, 2013).

Working as an Esthetician in Manitoba

After becoming a licensed esthetician, you may decide to pursue conventional employment opportunities or become a self-employed esthetician. If you go the self-employment route, keep in mind that you will have to rent your own space, keep it up to code, and to do your own marketing. Essentially, it is running an esthetics business.

If you would rather work in a traditional beauty setting, salons and spas are the two largest employers of estheticians. The wider variety of services you can provide, the more employment choices you may have.

In many cases, the majority of your customers will have traditional daytime jobs that leave them with free nights and weekends. Of course, this means that you may need to work nights and weekends to fit their schedules. Adjusting your hours to fit your customers’ availability can help you quickly become a popular choice for clients.

Now that you know more about the field of esthetics, it’s time to get started. Contact esthetics programs in Manitoba for more information.

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