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For many people, makeup is truly magical. It doesn’t just hide your bad features— it highlights your best features and makes them even more beautiful. However, not everyone has the makeup skills they need to make themselves look their best. If you become a makeup artist, you can use your eye for trends and your knowledge of makeup to make people look and feel great every day.

Contact the cosmetology schools in Missouri that offer focused make-up artist training to learn more.

Makeup artistry is not a licensed field in Missouri, so you do not have to choose a program of a specific length or that covers specific topics. Look at the skills offered by each program and how many practical hours of experience you get to figure out the right program for you.

What to Expect in Makeup Artist Programs in Missouri

As a new makeup artist student, you have to learn the fundamentals. This includes learning about face shape, skin tone, different features of the face, and the various effects you can create with makeup. Once you have developed a basic theoretical understanding, you can start perfecting your makeup skills on various parts of the face. In this part of your training, you may also cover color theory.

More advanced units in your degree program may cover airbrush makeup, makeup for special events, and make up for the stage or screen.

Reach out to the schools in Missouri with make-up artist training to get started.

Salary and Career Outlook for Make Up Artists in Missouri

Since makeup artists can work in many different settings and with so many different groups of people, salaries vary considerably in this field. You may decide to become self-employed, in which case you get paid directly by the client, based on how many bookings you make. Other makeup artists work for beauty counters or make up stories, in which case they earn an hourly salary.

According to O*Net, the average salary for a cosmetology professional in Missouri is $23,200 per year. You may enjoy a stable job outlook in misery as a makeup artist. O*Net reports an expected 5% increase in cosmetology job openings through 2022. Of course, your job outlook may be different if you become a freelancer or go the self-employed route.

A career in makeup artistry can open many doors for you, whether you want to work for someone else or become an entrepreneur. Learn more about your options by contacting makeup artist training schools in Missouri.

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