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Beauty Schools in New Hampshire

If beauty is your passion, then going to one of the beauty schools in New Hampshire can become your reality. Beauty schools could teach students in NH cosmetology, hair design, nail care, esthetics and skin care, massage therapy, electrolysis and laser hair removal, makeup, or even how to become a beauty school teacher or trainer. Students are given the opportunity to learn many aspects of cosmetology within beauty school walls. Students could choose between a broad cosmetology program, or to specialize and focus on one specific aspect of the beauty business if they wanted. Beauty school students in New Hampshire learn a vast array of beauty skills and how to choose and apply them for clients through in-class instruction and hands-on training in a student salon. By the time the student graduates, they should have a comprehensive understanding of the beauty industry and the skills and knowledge necessary to apply their beauty specialty for customers. Beauty schools in New Hampshire follow the curriculms necessary to meet the requirements to sit for the written and practical board exams for each type of license the state has.

It's easy to fall in love with the beauty in nature. In New Hampshire, there's a lot to fall in love with - from the majestic White Mountains to the beautiful Merrimack River. Tourists come for the skiing, and reporters arrive every four years for the presidential primaries. But those who live in The Granite State will tell you it is the natural beauty that keeps them here. The natural beauty of New Hampshire has inspired the poetry of Robert Frost and it can inspire you, too. You could even be inspired to start a new career in beauty with an education from one of the top New Hampshire beauty colleges. Whether you are interested in cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, makeup or even massage therapy, you can find the training you want in a New Hampshire beauty school.

The state of New Hampshire requires 1500 hours of training to sit for the board exams and get your cosmetology license, 300 hours to become a nail technician, or 600 hours to become an esthetician. The average salary range for cosmetologists is $16,470 to $38,840 per year before tips, with a median NH cosmetologist salary of $22,570. The average median salary for nail technicians is $21,490 and the median salary for estheticians is $26,740 in New Hampshire.

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Ipswich, MA

We love the spa and wellness industry. It has been our passion for over 35 years. Experience has taught us that succeeding...
Westbrook, ME

Your professional success starts with your training. That's why top salons, spas and clinics prefer Spa Tech Graduates.

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