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New Hampshire, nestled in the New England region of the U.S., is a beautiful place to begin your beauty career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics even says that New Hampshire is one of the top five states with the highest concentration of jobs in this occupation, particularly in the Southwestern part of the state. New Hampshire cosmetology schools are equipped primarily to do hair and nails, but also makeup and some skin care services. If you are passionate about beauty and are looking for a well-rounded career in the beauty business where every day is different, then becoming a New Hampshire cosmetologist might be for you. Cosmetologists in New Hampshire try to stay ahead of the curve on beauty trends, techniques and styles, and can help clients achieve the looks they're hoping for by asking questions and offering guidance, and using the skills and techniques they learned at New Hampshire cosmetology colleges. In cosmetology schools in New Hampshire, students can learn do hair cutting, coloring and styling above all else, but they also learn to do nail art like manicures and pedicures, do makeup for clients, and some also learn a few elements esthetics and skin care. Safety and sanitation is an essential part of cosmetology training in New Hampshire. In order to take the written and practical exams for a cosmetology license, the New Hampshire board requires 1500 hours of cosmetology training at an approved school for cosmetology, or 3000 hours earned in an apprenticeship. After graduating and getting licensed, NH cosmetologists should be equipped to pursue jobs as hairstylists, hair colorists, nail techs, makeup artists, and so much more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of cosmetologists in New Hampshire ranges from $16,470 to $38,440, a figure that does not include income from tips, and the median salary is $22,570. The BLS also estimates that job demand will grow for personal appearance workers by 14% through the year 2020. Many professional cosmetologists say they are inspired by the fast pace of change in the cosmetology business and love helping their clients be trendy and look great. Does a career in cosmetology sound right for you? Consider one of these cosmetology schools in New Hampshire to start working toward making a beauty career happen.

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