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Makeup artistry isn't just about blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. It's all about discovering a client's personality and creating a makeup look that brings out all of their best features! Becoming a makeup artist involves mastering makeup application skills, developing a strong sense of client communication, and combining the two to succeed.

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Since proper makeup application is all about subtlety and perfect technique, you can plan on starting your hands-on training early. As you learn about the tools, theories, and colors used in makeup application, you can start putting your new skills to use on face models. You might learn how to tweak your techniques for different skin types, face shapes, and client preferences.

Of course, color theory is a huge part of makeup artist training in Ohio. People who come to you for a new look won't want to wear the same colors in summer as they wear in winter. By studying color theory, you may be able to come up with unique makeup looks that match the season, each client's coloring, and current trends.

You will likely delve into makeup application for special events. This might require you to learn new techniques, since women going to special events may need heavier makeup that can stand up to tears, photography, and long hours. Learning how to create everyday looks as well as special event looks can make you an indispensable part of a beauty team.

Salary and Career Outlook for Makeup Artists in Ohio

Beauty salaries in Ohio can differ quite a bit from person to person. As a makeup artist, you'll likely get paid a base hourly salary. However, you may also receive tips from clients if they are impressed with your work. Depending on where you get hired, you may also get commissions when people buy the makeup you use. O*Net reports that the average salary for a beauty professional in Ohio is $21,400 per year. They list salaries ranging from $17,100 to $38,300 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Statewide demand for makeup artists and other beauty professionals is high. In the decade spanning 2010 to 2020, O*Net expects a 13% increase in jobs in this industry. Whether you work for a salon, department store, or yourself, you may be in higher demand at certain points of the year. Homecoming time, prom time, and wedding season are all significant for makeup artists.

The Life of a Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist gives you lots of flexibility in your career options! Makeup artists may work in lots of different settings, from makeup stores and department stores to salons and spas. No matter where you work, you may have to prepare yourself for erratic hours. These hours may change from week to week, depending on what appointments you have and what customers want. For example, during prom and wedding season, you may work lots of weekends and evenings.

Debra Macki is a celebrity makeup artist that has worked in almost every aspect of the makeup industry. She notes that education is important in this field. After completing a makeup artist training course, she recommends that makeup artists pursue ongoing education to stay up-to-date on makeup techniques. Macki claims that it's important to have a great attitude while working with clients. Many of them don't just want their makeup done, they also want a great customer service experience.

There are two main parts of your career: makeup application and education. Applying makeup correctly is incredibly important, but you must also be able to communicate with clients! Many who come to you want to learn how to apply their makeup every day. By making them feel beautiful and confident, you can improve their lives and further your career.

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