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Oregon is arguably one of the most beautiful states in which to live and work. With its diverse geography and unique major cities like Portland, Eugene and Salem, Oregon is full of beauty and wonder. It's no wonder so many people decide to pursue a beauty career here. Cosmetology schools in Oregon are ready to teach aspiring beauty professionals a number of different beauty services including hair, nails, makeup and some skin care techniques. If you are passionate about joining the ranks in the beauty business and you are looking for a well-rounded career in cosmetology, then becoming a cosmetologist in OR might be right for you. Cosmetologists in this state use their knowledge, technique and creativity to help clients achieve the looks they want. The school will not only train you on the hands-on skills needed to grow and advance in your cosmetology career, but they will also cover the fundamentals of safety and sanitation for the salon setting, some anatomy and physiology, and even some chemistry and color theory for the use of hair color, among other skills. Another key element of cosmetology school in Oregon is client consultation to get the best results out of your appointments. The state of Oregon requires 2300 training hours at an approved cosmetology school in order to sit for the written and practical portions of the licensing exam. After graduating from one of the Oregon cosmetology colleges and getting your cosmetology license, you can be hired for a number of different job titles, including hairstylist, hair colorist, nail technician, makeup artist and numerous others in the beauty industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of cosmetologists in Oregon is $22,450, and the usual range of salaries is from $18,270 to $42,430, but these figures do not account for money earned from client gratuities. The BLS also estimates that job demand for beauty and personal appearance workers will grow by 14% through the year 2020. Many professional cosmetologists have cited the creativity, daily challenge and human touch as their favorite reasons for working in the beauty business. If this sounds like you'd fit right in, then a career in cosmetology may be right for you. Consider one of these cosmetology schools in Oregon to get started.

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Cosmetology Schools in Oregon (alphabetized by city)
Clackamas Town Center/ Happy Valley, OR

Our School provides you with progressive education in Professional Hair Design, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Teacher Training.
Eugene, OR

The IBS School of Cosmetology has been in the business of introducing many of Portland's hair top stylist, barbers, nail and facial technicians...
Portland, OR

Our school provides you with progressive education in Professional Hair Design, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Teacher Training.
Portland , OR

Our instructors teach hands on with each student personalizing your education. We teach the entire Salon business helping you maximize your income, not just how to cut hair!

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