Make-Up Artist Training

Florida makeup artists can pursue a wide variety of career options when they complete training. If you already live here, then you know what a solid film and television industry we have going on in this state. As a makeup artist, you can work in those areas, and find jobs in other unique positions as well. For instance, makeup artists played a key role in this powerful photo shoot which highlighted people with physical disabilities. Without trained makeup artists, the quality of the shoot would have suffered.

Ready to learn more about what it takes to become a makeup artist in Florida? Perfect! We think you’ll rock the industry if you study and practice your skills with the passion that’s stirring inside you. Our job is to make it easy for you to find the right programs and makeup schools in Florida for you to compare. When you look at your options, be sure to ask each school what kinds of career services they provide students. This can be an important factor and will help you choose a makeup school that will prepare you for success!

State License Requirements

Licensing laws in Florida vary, depending on where you want to work as a makeup artist. You may apply makeup for pay without a license if the intent is to sell the product, not the service. To sell makeup application as a service, you need an esthetician license. This involves completing 260 hours of training at an approved beauty school.


Get more information on esthetics licensure:

Florida Board of Cosmetology

Education Details

If you want to succeed as a makeup artist in Florida, you should consider all of your options – especially the courses outlined in each school’s curriculum. You want to learn all the skills relevant to your goals in makeup. You should also seek ways to develop your business skills and professional competencies to pursue your own practice, if that’s a goal.

Florida makeup artist core courses: •

  • Bridal •
  • Special event •
  • Color theory •
  • Film/TV/theater
License Renewal
Hours required vary by licensure

If you take the esthetics route, you will need to renew through the Florida Division of Professions, Board of Cosmetology. The deadline every two years is October 31st, and you’ll pay $55.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022
Working as a Makeup Artist

Makeup artists have a variety of opportunities for gainful employment in the state of Florida. Professional makeup artists primarily work with film companies and theater arts groups to help apply makeup on professional actors and actresses. In many cases, these individuals are self employed as independent contractors and set their own work days and hours. The average annual salary for a makeup artist is $66,560, and the number of makeup artists currently employed exceeds 3,000 people. Some of the major companies in Florida that would hire makeup artists are:

State board Contact Information

Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Board of Cosmetology
1940 N. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783
Phone Number: 850-487-1395
Fax Number: 866-888-1176
E-mail Address:

The Florida State Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating change of name or change of address information, and acquiring out-of-state and other useful forms, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining a Florida state cosmetology license.

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