Beauty Schools in Idaho

Idaho, like many western states, has its own unique flair and sense of style. As an aspiring beauty student and professional, you have the chance to tap into these trends and make them work for the people in your community.

Attending Beauty Schools in Idaho

At cosmetology schools in Idaho, you may master hair coloring, chemical processing, nail care, skin care, hair cutting, and hair styling.

To thrive in this field, you must meet the requirements of the Idaho Board of Cosmetology. They set the training standards for Idaho beauty schools and hold high expectations for cosmetology students. Throughout your training, you should learn about the theory of cosmetology, new trends, important techniques, and customer service skills. Of course, you should also get plenty of hands-on experience to get comfortable with your chosen beauty specialty.

This is a great time to start your training and explore beauty trends from around the world. Learn more about your options by reaching out to beauty school Idaho programs!

Working in the Beauty Industry in Idaho

While you work your way through your chosen Idaho cosmetology school, you should keep your eye on the prize and plan for your future career. This means touching base with other cosmetologists in your specialty and learning from them. Building a strong professional network gives you a great learning resource, can help you discover employment opportunities, and may make you feel like part of the local beauty community. The Idaho Beauty Associationis an excellent resource to consider, offering training courses, legislative updates, and networking events to members.

Another professional group to consider is Idaho Associated Cosmetology Schools. A lot goes into your personal job outlook and salary potential. However, the average salary for an Idaho skin care specialist is $31,900 per year (O*Net, 2016). From 2012 through 2022, job openings for Idaho skin care specialists may swell 35% (O*Net, 2016). The beauty specialty you choose may be a big factor in the future of your career.

Find the Beauty Schools in Idaho that interest you below, then request more information to get started.