Beauty Schools in Utah

As fashion and beauty both become more personalized and creative, the demand for skilled professionals may continue to grow throughout the country. This is true in Utah, where women, men, and children deserve to look good and feel confident about themselves.

Beauty Schools in Utah

Finding a beauty school in Utah that fits your needs is a huge part of succeeding in this field. You must follow the training and licensing requirements of the Utah Division of Professional Licensing. They allow conventional training and apprenticeship training. Conventional training programs require between 300 and 1600 hours, depending on your specialty, while apprenticeship programs range from 375 to 2500 hours.

With our thorough list of cosmetology schools in Utah, you have the resources you need to find a program that may help you learn. As you delve into your options, you may find the perfect specialty for your interests and talents.

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Working in the Beauty Industry in Utah

From the salon-lined streets of Salt Lake City to smaller suburban and rural communities, Utah has a diverse selection of employment options for new graduates and licensees. You may begin your career at a chain or quick-service salon, both of which help you gain experience with lots of different people while building a reputation for yourself. With experience and a solid reputation, you may advance to privately owned salons, high-end spas, and boutique salons.

Utah has a well-developed beauty community, which gives you a great support network as you start preparing for life after cosmetology school. The Utah Beauty Association provides a number of benefits to members and Cosmetology Utah also supports cosmetology professionals through advocacy, training, and networking. Attending beauty and fashion events may spark your creativity and give you a chance to rub elbows with industry leaders. Utah Fashion Week is the main event in this state.

While choosing a specialty, you may want to evaluate different options. Per O*Net, job openings for skin care specialists may swell 57% between 2012 and 2022 (2016). They indicate an average salary of $28,500 per year for Utah skin care specialists (O*Net, 2016).

Now that you know more about this industry, it’s time to make your move. Contact beauty schools in Utah to find out more.

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