Beauty Schools in Wisconsin

What are you looking for in your ideal career? Do you want room for growth and improvement, a flexible schedule, valuable skills you can take to other states, and a social work setting that keeps you busy and on your feet? The variety of career paths in the field of cosmetology fits these and other needs. If you can see yourself working in a Wisconsin spa or salon, Wisconsin beauty school programs may have what you need.

Beauty Schools in Wisconsin

Your education and career are regulated by the Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board. When it comes to requirements for cosmetology school, Wisconsin is close to national averages for most specialties. You may choose from options like cosmetology, nail technology, and esthetics.

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You can take the first step in your beauty career now by contacting programs on our list of Wisconsin beauty schools.

Working in the Beauty Industry in Wisconsin

Even in its rural and suburban communities, Wisconsin is home to a great variety of spas, salons, and other beauty employers. This may help you work in your desired location after you complete your training and get your license. However, you may discover that the most prestigious salons and the largest selection of beauty employers may be found in large cities such as Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay.

Wisconsin also has options for aspiring fashion designers and beauty professionals who want to work on runway models. The largest fashion show in the state is Wisconsin Fashion Week. In Wisconsin's capital, UW Fashion Week occurs every year. Milwaukee Fashion Week offers more urban, modern designs that reflect trends in cities like Chicago and New York.

You may look at job outlook and salary information for different careers to help you select a specialty. Still, it is most important to choose a specialty that you are truly passionate about, as your passion for your work can shine through. From 2012 to 2022, job openings for Wisconsin skin care specialists may swell 35% (O*Net, 2016). Skin care specialists in Wisconsin report an average salary of $27,700 per year (O*Net, 2016).

With all of the options at cosmetology schools in Wisconsin, you may find your ideal career and start your training in a matter of weeks. To start the path to a beauty career now, reach out to beauty schools in Wisconsin.

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