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Beauty Schools
Q: Is there any difference between a beauty school and a cosmetology school?
A: Strictly speaking, no. It's possible that cosmetology schools offer a wider selection of courses. Since there is much more focus on spa services at salons these days, cosmetology schools have responded by offering courses covering massage therapy, salon wraps, aromatherapy and even acupuncture. There are many labeled "beauty schools" that do cover these services, but the traditional title implies that they cover the more traditional areas of hair, nail and skin care.

Q: What are my career options after attending beauty school?
A: There are a wide variety of professional careers you can pursue after earning a degree from a beauty or cosmetology school. These include:
  • Cosmetologist
  • Hairstylist
  • Hair color specialist
  • Perm specialist
  • Esthetician
  • Nail technician
  • Manicurist

Find Cosmetology Training in your area.

Massage Therapy
Q: What is massage therapy?
A: Massage therapists manipulate the muscles and soft tissues of their clients. This helps improve the circulatory and the limbic systems. It also helps to eliminate toxins that have built up in the body. More about Massage Schools.

Esthetics/Skin Care
Q: Is it esthetician or aesthetician?
A: They are actually both correct. An esthetician helps salon clients take better care of their skin.

If you love the field of cosmetology, but would like to specialize in the study of skin care, then a career as an esthetician may be perfect for you. Find an esthetician course.

Nail Technology
Q: What is nail technology?
A: A nail technologist studies the art of nail art and design, tips, forms, wraps, and gels. More about Nail Schools.

Q: Is a "Barber School" the same as beauty or cosmetology school?
A: It depends. Some beauty and cosmetology schools, known as barber beauty schools, include programs for students interested in serving male customers in need of hair care services. More often than not, barber schools do not teach curricula on subjects covered in cosmetology schools such as manicures, esthetics and massage. Find a Barber School.

Make-Up Artist
Search here to learn studio make-up techniques that stand up to the detail of new high-definition television and film technologies. Find a course for training as a Make-up Artist.

Q: What is electrolysis?
A: Electrolysis is a very popular, non-invasive medical technique used for permanent hair removal from the face and body. Find an Electrology course in your area.

Permanent Make-Up
Permanent make-up is a creative and growing industry. It's attracting individuals who are looking to get into the beauty or medical profession. Find Permanent makeup schools.

Teacher Training
Q: Why should I take teacher training?
A: These programs are designed to prepare people who are interested in teaching beauty and cosmetology to the future leaders of the industry. It's also a good idea to check and see if the teachers you'll have in beauty school have completed an accredited teacher training program. Find Teacher Training courses.

Continuing Education
Q: What does it mean if a school is accredited?
A: Schools that are labeled "accredited" have met certain academic and institutional requirements established by the accrediting organizations. Some of the factors that accrediting organizations look for include:
  • Relevant curriculum
  • Quality education programs
  • Functional facilities
  • Experienced staff
  • Admission policies

Prospective Students
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