Cosmetology Instructor Training by State

Where would cosmetology be without instructors?

The future of cosmetology relies on skilled, passionate instructors who can pass on their skills and knowledge to a new generation of cosmetologists. Clients and students deserve the best!

If you are ready to start a new adventure in the world of cosmetology, find out if you have what it takes to become a beauty teacher by contacting cosmetology teacher training programs in your state.

Why You Should Become a Cosmetology Instructor

As a cosmetology instructor, you may enjoy many exciting career benefits. You may have a new level of career fulfillment when you know that the work you do every day contributes to the learning experience of your students and gives your community access to trained, well-educated beauty professionals. Most beauty school programs run on a set schedule each semester, a fact that may allow you to work more predictable hours each week. If you remember your days as a cosmetology student, you may be excited about the prospect of helping your students work through difficulties and develop valuable career skills.

In general, the pay scale for cosmetology instructors is more stable than it is for cosmetologists. Rather than getting part of your income from tips, you may be paid an annual salary or get paid per class. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average salary of $52,800 per year for vocational instructors (2016). Through the year 2024, job openings in this field may increase 4% (BLS, 2016).

Do I Need a License to Teach Cosmetology?

While working as a cosmetologist, you may have shown a fellow stylist how to mimic a certain effect or master one of your techniques. However, teaching cosmetology students is an entirely different game, so most states to require a separate licensing process for cosmetology instructors. Generally, you need to have a specific amount of cosmetology experience, measured in years or actual work hours. You also need to complete a teacher training program that meets the licensing requirements of your state board of cosmetology and prepares you for the cosmetology state board test in teaching.

Skills Covered in Cosmetology Teacher Training

In a cosmetology instructor training program, you may explore a whole new set of skills. In addition to studying theory, you should spend a significant amount of time working with cosmetology classes and students to build your practical skills. Some of the topics you may learn about in cosmetology school include teaching methods, educational psychology, assessment of student performance, lesson design and planning, student learning styles, classroom management, and student motivation.

Are you ready to teach, support, and nurture the next generation of cosmetology professionals? Discover instructor training programs near you. Our list of accredited degree programs makes it easy to find and contact schools, so get started now!