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If you're ready to enrich your life with a career in the beauty industry, let Beauty Schools Directory help you get started. The process begins with finding the right school in your area. Whether you want to pursue your passion for creativity and innovation, or develop cutting edge skills, the right beauty program can help you begin a journey filled with new opportunities. Discover why Beauty Schools Directory is the largest online resource, helping more than 4,000 students a week take the next step toward a new career.

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For some, we are simply pursuing our passion for creativity and innovation. For others, it is the challenge of learning all there is to know and constantly being on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty. And for others, it is a way to develop a lifelong fulfilling career that supports our families. But there's one thing that unites us all - the love of beauty. If these testimonials and quotes have you feeling as inspired as we do, let us help you take the next step to the rest of your life. It all starts here when you search for cosmetology schools near you. Also consider applying for our $2,500 cosmetology scholarship!

Quotes From Real Aspiring Cosmetologists

  • "At the age of 7 I decided that when I grew up I was going to cosmetology school and going to make a career out of doing what I loved! Cosmetology is perfect for me. It's what I love doing and what I will always love doing. I will make the most of cosmetology school and enjoy every minute of it." - Angel H. (Richland, WA)
  • "My mother didn't get to graduate because she had my three brothers and me, so she had to put her life on hold. Eventually she got her GED but she didn't get to go to college. My father didn't even graduate high school and to this day he doesn't even have his GED. All I ever wanted was to become something in life, to show my mother and father that they raised me right. I am enrolled in cosmetology school and I start this month." - Simon S. (Alvin, TX)
  • "I have found my calling in life. I have often heard of people saying they were doing what they were 'meant' to do in life and how happy they were. Although I was happy, they felt so passionately about their career choices. I thought it was exactly that - a career. I didn't believe we were meant to do one particular job and that it would give you the ultimate feeling of self. That is, until I began to really contemplate the issue. I found that if I combined all my passions in life, such as helping others, fashion and beauty, my ultimate career choice would be cosmetology." - Allison B. (High Springs, FL)
  • "Cosmetology is a part of me. I practice my skills every day on family and friends, and this is my place. This is my dream. My most meaningful achievement is recognizing my talents and the will to move forward." - Ranisha Green (Maywood, IL)
  • "I was taught as a child that if you work and persevere you will accomplish your goals. It is my goal to become a great hairdresser and make the world a more beautiful place." - Amber N. (Los Gatos, CA)
  • "It is extremely important for me to be able to work on the areas that need improvement with the help of a great school to get me where I want to be as a beautician." - Kaycee C. (Holyoke, MA)
  • "I have always dreamed of working in the beauty field and now this will complete all my desires in life to fulfill all that I want to with a career. This is something I want to become my life-long career. It will be amazing to go to school to learn and be able to take that with me for the rest of my life." - Jessalynn T. (Mesa, AZ)
  • "I want to pursue a career in esthetics to better my life for my children and myself. I want to be able to work in a field that I am interested in and love. I love skincare and makeup, and the feeling I get when I make someone feel beautiful. I feel that it would change my life for the better, and it would help me provide a better life for my girls." - Sommer S. (Grove City, OH)
  • "I dream of being able to contribute in taking care of my family financially. A career in cosmetology would not only help my family, but will also be something I can be proud of." - Melissa C. (Gig Harbor, WA)
  • "I am my kids' biggest teacher. I want them to believe that anything is possible as long as they believe in themselves. I finally do, and let me tell you, I am ready to share, serve and make you beautiful from the inside to the out." - Jamie S. (Houghon Lake, MI)
  • "Now that both of my children are in school and successful students, it's time for me to continue my education and get certified in the field that is my natural passion." - Krystal G. (Indianapolis, IN)
  • "The art of makeup and hair is a creative outlet for me, and also a way for me to connect with others. Most people have Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have relaxer and color kits, eye shadow palettes and blending brushes!" - Jessica F. (Waukegan, IL)
  • "I cannot deny my lack of passion for the industry. I love fashion and anything to do with it, and want the opportunity to go to a good beauty college and focus on what I love. I am expecting my first child and want to be able to provide a good, solid income for my child, and be happy in what I am doing. I want to teach my son or daughter that you should always go after what it is that truly makes you happy." - Meagan R. (Sallisaw, OK)
  • "I was born to eat, breathe, and sleep art and have always loved hair and experimenting with styles, cuts and colors. I feel like I have the artistic ability, drive, motivation and commitment it takes to become a very talented cosmetologist." - Bonnie M. (Dublin, OH)
  • "I was recently widowed, and would like the chance to start over in a new career in cosmetology. It would give me a chance to make a good living for me and my son, and still have the flexibility I need that a job in this field would allow me to be there for my son when he needs me." - Brenda C. (China Grove, NC)
  • "Cosmetology is a great business to grow where I can be myself and be happy. It would cultivate my talents with an active passion. I am very anxious to embark on this next stage of my career." - Tesha M. (Tuscon, AZ)
  • "I have always thought about doing this, and when I signed up I felt a flush of excitement. This is my career goal and what I strive to be. It has always been a thought in the back of my mind, and I have tried out other career choices and decided that they really didn't fit me. I now strive to own my own successful hair and nail salon." - Ruth H. (Dayton, OH)
  • "I truly believe that I can be a great asset to the world of cosmetology and I am willing to do everything in my power to do so, not only for my future and job security, but that also of my three children." - Celina P. (Southbridge, MA)
  • "It has taken me a long time to start pursuing my dream of getting involved in the makeup world. I know that I will make something of myself. I have the drive to go to school and not only graduate but leave school and make it as a well-known special effects makeup artist. I am ready and willing to take on that challenge with a successful outcome." - Kelsey B. (Seaside Heights, NJ)
  • "When I was a little girl my mother started going to cosmetology school and later on got her cosmetology license. She always inspired me with her works. I know what it takes to be a cosmetologist from observing my mother. My major goal is graduating from cosmetology school and passing the state exams and later on build my own cosmetology school and teach others who have the same interests as I do." - Jaqueline P. (Riverside, CA)
  • "I love the cosmetology field, and nothing would make me happier than to be able to become a licensed cosmetologist and help people feel beautiful." - Amanda N. (Lincoln, NE)
  • "Pushing myself to always go above and beyond in everything I do made me feel better about myself. I think that in life, the better you feel about yourself, the more effort you will put forth and the more successful you will become." - Kristina A. (Morley, MI)
  • "I have always wanted to go to school to be a cosmetologist ever since I was a little girl. I feel that this is what I am supposed to do. I will achieve and build a great business. I am determined." - Becky G. (Shannon, IL)
  • "Though times are rough, I refuse to quit school. I finally arrived at cosmetology school. This is what I want to do. This is what I was born to do." - Jennifer O. (Chandler, AZ)
  • "My mom has breast cancer and has finished her last treatment of chemo. Losing her hair left her insecure. Once her hair was at a length I felt I could style I gave her a shampoo set. She looked in the mirror and we both started to cry. She told me this is the first step to getting her life back. I knew then this is what I strive for. I want this feeling everyday for the rest of my life." - June Ray A. (Elk Grove, CA)
  • "I have given ALL of my TIME TO my family, AND will CONTINUE TO be a great mom, but it's time to do something for me - and to show other women that you can start a successful career after 40." - Pam S. (Centennial, CO)
  • "I have come to find that hairstyling is one of my many gifts and passions. I am so excited for this new chance at a new life. I want to be an example for all single moms out there who have small resources, but big dreams." - Melissa W. (Manchester, NH)


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