Top Beauty Jobs in 2008

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Top Beauty Jobs in 2008

CareerBuilder recently published the 30 Top Jobs of 2008 and predicted that service industry jobs would account for nearly 75 percent of all jobs by 2016. The top jobs categories included health care, financial services and computer training. If you're not into blood, human anatomy, computers or you're not good with numbers, it might seem you would be out of luck. There is still hope for us interested in cosmetology.

Among the 30 Top Jobs of 2008 I found three occupations that can make the world a more beautiful place (no blood, needles or numbers included).

Make-up Artists, Theatrical and Performance

Coming in as the #7 job on CareerBuilder's list, this lifestyle of the beautiful and fabulous occupation is predicted to see a nearly 40 percent growth over the next eight years. Making people beautiful has a salary range of $30,630 - $46,300 a year and requires minimal make-up training. Have a flare for the dramatic side? Make everyday Broadway actors into Cats or a very Wicked witch. Theatre not your style? Make Carrie Underwood sparkle on tour or travel with Fall Out Boy and apply Pete Wentz's eye liner.

Skin Care Specialist

Zits happen. Skin Care Specialists are out there to make them happen less. The #11 job of 2008 is expected to see a 34 percent growth. Making skin look young and fresh requires a little esthetician school and has an average salary range of $21,260 - $30,560 per year and this job offers a wide variety of locales. Work at the salon just down the street or at a luxury resort anywhere in the world. Like to travel? Cruise ships often house full service salons and spas for relaxed travelers.

Manicurists and Pedicurists

The difference between beautiful and drop-dead gorgeous is attention to detail. We've all seen celebrities make this mistake (Cameron Diaz is notorious). They pay thousands of dollars to hire top make-up artists, hair stylists and designers to make them look beautiful, then one close up of their $1.5 million Neil Lane diamond ring or $500 Jimmy Choo's and the gig is up! These pics reveal chipped fingernail paint and gnarly toes. Manicurists and pedicurists jobs are expected to grow nearly 28 percent. With a little training, you can become a manicurist in 2008!

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