Monique Madrid: Comedienne and Cosmetologist

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Monique Madrid: Comedienne and Cosmetologist

Who says that humor and cosmetology can't mix? Monique Madrid, who is both a comedienne and a cosmetologist, proves that cutting hair can be quite humorous, especially in her show, "Monica Barcelona: Bitch, I'll Cut You." This multitalented hairstylist doesn't just style hair and make jokes about it either. Monique is also a freelance writer, does makeup, acts, teaches and does voiceover.

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Monique is living a double-life. As a cosmetologist, she does hair and makeup for weddings, album covers, photo shoots and tons of other exciting events. In her comedy show, Monique acts as Monica Barcelona, her hilarious alter ego. During this show, she invites two audience members on the stage. One of the members of the audience gets a free haircut on stage and the other receives a free makeover. Her fun loving personality and skill with scissors has caught the attention of many websites. In fact, Time Out Chicago, a website dedicated to reviews and information regarding different entertainment, attractions and accommodations in Chicago, proclaimed that her show was a critic's picks.

Her show was part of the Chicago Women's Funny Festival, which is festival comprised of female comediennes. As she improvs a day at the salon with real audience members, you will laugh hysterically. The website "Causing a Scene" declares that watching "Bitch, I'll Cut You" is like watching a reality talk show. Monique is sassy and inspirational. Causing a Scene also states that the concept of her show is captivating.

Madrid has not let the success of her show go to her head. She still styles hair professionally at reasonable rates and takes on jobs of all sizes. However, she did say that being accepted as part of the Chicago Women's Funny Festival was really, really exciting. She only started stand-up about a year before she started this show. She started doing it as a challenge to herself. She feels that doing stand-up leaves you more vulnerable, while doing improv allows you to have a supportive team behind you.

Her clients are excited for her. Because she still works as a professional hairstylist, she does not want to offend anyone, so she steers away from using personal stories that clients have shared with her. As for fellow stylists, she is not sure how they are going to react. She also notes that she does not know a lot of stylists who are also comedians, so it will be interesting to see how everyone responds. She states that she does not know if this show will one day include another stylist or not.

The goal of Monique's show is just to make people laugh while she gets to do something else she loves on stage - hair and makeup.