The recession has unfortunately extended into summer.   Most economists are say signs point to the recession lightening up by the end of the year - but I can't wait that long for a haircut, can you?

Since the recession hit, the concept of a “staycation“ has become incredibly popular.  Many luxury resorts and vacation spots around the world offer salon-and-spa services, and that salon-and-spa pampering  is often an integral part of the trip for some vacationers. But with so many people staying home and trying to save money, they may feel that salon-and-spa days are out of their reach.  As a cosmetology student, this can is the perfect opportunity for you to swoop in and save the day.  Your cosmetology school can offer all the services of a day spa at lower prices than the big-name hotels and spas.

Clients are looking for a lower-cost spa experience, and you are looking to get hands-on practice in cosmetology techniques, so you are a perfect match for each other!  This situation provides a huge opportunity for beauty students and cosmetology schools.  In the past, people have been wary of the service they'll receive from students at a cosmetology school, so having clients on a budget come in for pampering services in is a great way to prove how modern, professional and enjoyable cosmetology student services can be.  You'll gain a great deal of experience in your area of cosmetology before you graduate and possibly even build up a client-base that comes with you when you start your career.

So, as a beauty student at cosmetology school, make sure you spread the word on the low cost and high quality of the services your cosmetology school can provide.  The recession is usually a bad thing, but it can be a great opportunity for you.

Is your cosmetology school doing anything to take advantage of these new opportunities? Do you see more clients on a budget coming through your doors?