5 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Personal Spa

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 05/23/2012 • Health

5 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Personal Spa

Ahhhhhh... A day at the spa can be so relaxing and energizing.  The soft music, the lighting, and the pampering!  However, a couple hours spent at the spa can ring up a very un-zen-like price tag for the frugal at heart.  How can have the stress-relieving benefits in between full-fledged spa appointments without bringing the stress right back with a huge bill? Simple, create a spa at home. You'll save time, money, gas, and you can enjoy being in the comfort of your own house.

Here are five great ways to achieve the spa-like experience in your own bathroom:

Submitted by Elizabeth on 05/23/2012 - 13:31

1)  Clear the clutter

To truly get away you must clear the clutter of your daily life.  How can you feel relaxed if your bathroom is a mess?  Take the time to put up bottles, makeup, and toothbrushes lying on the counter.  Give everything a good cleaning.  It won't be your spa until you've got a clean, fresh appearance!

2) Love some lavender

Aromatherapy can have amazing benefits.  In fact, studies show that breathing in naturally sweet smells can lift your spirits.  Lavender is one of the most popular soothing scents because of its stress and anxiety relieving powers.  Lavender home sprays, soaps, shower gels, and oil diffusers are simple to find and won't stress out your pocketbook.

3) Set the mood

Think about what you love most about the spa. Is it the soft lighting?  The relaxing music? The glow of candles?  Bring those into your own space!  Set up your iPod to play soft, easy-listening music.  Clean, white votive candles can be a super inexpensive purchase at your local craft store as well. 

4) Set up spa stations

Whatever you usually go to the spa for is probably what you'll want handy in your own homemade spa.  Is it a manicure? Do you go for a facial?  Make sure you have the products and tools ready to go in organized kits.  This way, when you're ready to relax and give yourself a manicure you won't spend 10 minutes gathering the things you need and stay in the relax zone!

5) Make it your sanctuary

What will truly make your bathroom feel more like a spa and not just your regular old bathroom are the little details.  The jar of bath salts, the fluffy robe hanging on the back of your door, soft rugs on the floor, etc.  Add these small but comforting touches to your bathroom to help bring the spa experience home sweet home.

I think we all know a day at the spa with trained beauty professionals pampering you is unbeatable, but you can get awfully close in-between salon and spa visits with these at-home spa and pampering tips. You deserve it. :)