The holiday season is now in full swing, but is your hair ready for it? If you have a Palm Pilot full of winter festivities, start planning now for the holiday hairdo of your dreams. Whether you have been invited to a gala at the office, a charity fundraiser or an intimate party among friends, you want your hairstyle to send the message that you think the function is important. You can do that by taking the time to consider a unique style that will complement your dress, jewelery and all the rest of you.


Submitted by Elizabeth on 12/07/2011 - 11:05

Pretend You're Madame de Pompadour

Have you ever been accused of thinking you're Madame de Pompadour? With a holiday hairstyle highlighting sleek sides, you can show embrace the name. If you have thin hair, apply a lightweight gel to your hair, brush back several strands at a time and allow the air to dry it. For thicker manes, you may have to use molding paste to do the trick. Either way, you should brush through your full head of hair after it has dried and then use enough hairspray to keep the style in place.


Just Braid It

The time-honored braid can be a real lifesaver when you receive an invitation with little notice to plan something fancier. However, with the right type of braid, it doesn't have to look like you got ready in a hurry. If you have a hair diffuser available, use it to dry your hair and give it a loosened look. To get the braid in place, grab hold of a chunk of hair to the left or right of your part and twist it into a braid. Once formed, pull your braid into a bun that is loose and fun in appearance, not like what your school librarian used to wear. You can also allow a few loose strands of hair to fall on either side if you want it to frame your face.

Bring Back the Bangs

If you haven't worn bangs in years, the holiday parties may be a good time to return to them. For the best bang results, go to your usual hairstylist and ask him or her to shape the hair above your eyebrows until it best conforms to your face. To accentuate your temporary bangs, have your stylist make them as straight as possible and then pull back the rest of your hair into a tight ponytail.

An Updo with a Twist

If you love the style of an updo but have already seen too many of them this season, don't despair. There is always the alternative of having an updo on the side. To get this style started, pull your hair into a ponytail and separate it into two different sections. Next, take one section and wrap it around your ponytail's base. You can move one section of hair clockwise while moving the other counter-clockwise at the same time. Use small bobby pins to keep the hair up and tucked in for the evening.