2011 Hot Holiday Nail Trends

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 12/15/2011 • Nails

2011 Hot Holiday Nail Trends

Though the weather outside is frightful, your nails can be delightful. You might not be sporting your fancy flip-flops; you may need your mittens more often than not, but that does not mean that your fingernails and toenails can't look great year round.

Due largely to the economic decline, women are opting for more budget-friendly splurges. Many women are willing to sacrifice expensive haircuts and highlights in order to treat themselves to something less pricey. For the first time in recorded history, nail products are outselling the ever-popular lipsticks and glosses. Trendy talons are all the rage this year!



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As the holidays approach, it is time to step up your game with glitter and glitz nail designs. Nail art, including gems and tattoos, have taken the market by storm. Once a luxury afforded only to those who regularly visited a nail salon, DIY manicure sets and at-home accessory packs make glamorous nails a reality for everyone this holiday season.

A new season means new nail polish. Greens, golds, silvers and reds are the colours vying for the top spots this time of year, though taupe nail polish and earthy tones are making a comeback. Glitters and crystal gem nail designs add that extra sparkle and eye-catching appeal.

Prime up your favourite pumps with metallic flash. Exude class and sophistication with matte black. Use your nail colour to make your party dress pop. Nails are the ultimate accessory when creating your perfect outfit and flashing your unique flair.

This season marks a return to the prim and proper of traditional times with nail colours that not only match your lipstick but also your clothing. However, unlike the hushed tones of our sisters in the Forties, extravagance is the word of the day.

Special effects that shimmer and shine are the hottest trends; the bolder the better. Elaborate designs, ombre fades, stellar studs, and magnetic polishes catch the oohs and ahhs of the crowd. Your nail polish provide the ultimate opportunity for risk-taking. Nothing is permanent. From the crazy to the classic, nails are the place to let your personality shine through.

Watch the runways to confirm the latest trends of richly jeweled colours. Keeping your nails short paired with sleek colours guarantees to have you party-ready all day long. Abandon the idea of matching. Mixing and contrasting hues, shades, and tones sends the message of glamour and style.

Make a statement with two-toned nail nail polish. Try glossy nails with matte finish lipstick or vice versa. Don't be afraid to experiment with a variety of colours and textures.

For a new twist on the French manicure, try painting the tips with a metallic sheen that glimmers in the light. Blending colors and varying tops coats are other great ways to achieve a unique look.

It is no secret that your nails can tell a lot about you. Your nails are like your personal canvas of expression, ready to display your true colours. Be sure that your nails are sending the right message with shapely nails that are sporting this seasons hottest colours and styles.