Hair shows, hair competitions and fashion shows that are for cosmetology schools are a unique way for students to showcase their talent, and oftentimes a way determine which school has the top stylists about to enter the beauty field. Beauty schools across the country participate in these events, and some of the top-ranked beauty schools even host them. So what's all the fuss about?

Submitted by Elizabeth on 04/11/2012 - 12:40

A hair show for cosmetology schools is a special type of event that allows students to compete and display their talents. It truly puts the skills they learn ranging from styling to cutting to dying into work. For example, on April 2, 2012, students gathered for Clarksville, TN cosmetology school Miller-Motte Technical College's Hair Show Madness. The cosmetology school created the hair show to give the senior students an opportunity to display what they can do when it comes to hair. The show consisted of various booths, and three selected guest judges were given the chance to vote. Three tickets were given to each judge, so that they may select their favorite booths. Each booth had to give a presentation or demonstration that not only established their understanding of styling hair, but their understanding of marketing, as well.

Gina Castleberry, the campus director of Miller-Motte Technical College, was quite a proud director on this occasion. Not only that, she was a guest judge who had three difficult decisions to make, especially considering that some of the senior projects consisted of more than just hair. They were comprised of makeup and nails too, which indicates that these students have more than just a talent at doing 'dos. They are talented in all aspects of the realm of cosmetology - hair, nails, makeup and skin care!

Empire Beauty Schools actually host one of the largest hair shows of all cosmetology schools. The Empire Education Group presents beauty schools with an annual opportunity to compete in this hair and nail extravaganza. Eighty-seven campuses participate in this two-day event for a change to win some huge prizes, including a trip to a different country like the lucky winners of the 2008 competition won. This hair and nail show consists of different events like a ladies' trend cut portion and a style with color portion.

If you are considering attending a cosmetology school or beauty school, you might want to ask the admissions representatives if they either host a hair show or fashion show, or connect with businesses in the community that put on these shows that beauty school students could take part. Hair shows and fashion shows are a fabulous opportunity to get hands-on experience with doing hair and makeup in real life, and a huge cosmetology resume booster for when you graduate school.