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We checked in with Emily Jetvig, the April 2013 winner of the nail school scholarship from She just finished her nail technician training program at Salon Professional Academy in Fargo, North Dakota and loved her school and instructors!


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Beauty Schools Directory: You recently graduated from nail school. Are there options to graduate sooner?

Emily Jetvig: We worked ahead of time. All of the girls in my class did. I think there's a couple that are still going, but I came in on Mondays and I did extra hours on Fridays and Saturdays so I could get done a little sooner. And I'm all done.

Beauty Schools Directory: What is graduation like?

Jetvig: Since there was only four in my class, we just had a little ceremony, and we just had our parents come in. They gave us a mock diploma. We'll get the real thing on Friday when we go take our practical exam.

Beauty Schools Directory: What did you enjoy most about nail school?

Jetvig: Well, for one thing I learned how to make fancy flappers now. That was really fun. Yeah, it was really easy, just like five dots with the dotting tool, five smaller dots with the colored. It looked amazing and I was so happy. I loved learning how to do acrylics. I've never had fake nails before, I've never seen anyone do fake nails before, and it was a lot of fun to do it. I'm actually going to practice on my mom this week because she's going to be my model for boards. My first favorite thing there was shellac. That was just the best. I even saved up all of my tips and I got a shellac machine. I got the light, I got base coat, top coat, and I got one color and I have it on my toes right now. And I did some fun shimmery stuff with the brush and it looked really cool.

Beauty Schools Directory: Are you ready for your board exams?

Jetvig: That's what I'm going to register for either today or tomorrow. Our teacher showed us how we can do it online, and we just take it right there at the Fargo Jet Center. So it's just pretty close. You can even register the day before you want to do it. I'm not going to do that, but it's pretty nice that it's convenient.

Beauty Schools Directory: What are you doing to prepare for the licensing exams?

Jetvig: Well, for the practical we did one prep last Tuesday during our last class time. So I know how it's going to go, and I'm going to practice a few times on my mom to practice the acrylic nail and going through the whole manicure just to make sure I've got every step down. And then, for the written and the law test I have the law book and I have a small book that came with our textbook. It should have a whole bunch of questions from the tests that we took. Our teacher said it's very similar to what the written test will be like. So I'm going to go through that and on a separate sheet of paper take the test so that I can take it a few times until I get good results. But mostly, it seemed pretty easy. The diseases that have to do with nails, that was the hardest chapter, so I'll focus on that a lot.

Beauty Schools Directory: Did you learn everything you hoped to learn in nail school?

Jetvig: Getting the experience with full spa pedicures and everything, that was great. Actually giving a pedicure was my second favorite thing to do after shellac. And I know a lot of the other girls are like, "Eww feet?" And I'm like. "Yeah, it's fun!"

Beauty Schools Directory: What was the most surprising thing you learned in nail school?

Jetvig: I wasn't really expecting to like pedicures so much, honestly. The whole reason I got into it was that I love the nail art sort of thing. And we don't really do too much of that at school. And before we got into it I was thinking, "Eww, pedicures?" But it was a lot of fun because you get to talk with people and you're not like right up next to them like you are during a manicure so it's not quite as awkward. And then you can just chat with people. One time the person I had for a pedicure was my first grade teacher's mom.

Beauty Schools Directory: Was there anything especially difficult?

Jetvig: Acrylics was kind of hard, learning how to do it. We would watch these videos of these people doing crazy stuff with it, like these colors and these designs, and then we start just doing the simple pink and white manicure with the acrylics and it was hard. I'm still having trouble keeping the top part from being a little bit lifted on the side. So that's something I'm really going to be practicing this week.

Beauty Schools Directory: What were you looking for in a nail technician school?

Jetvig: I wanted one where I knew I would be well-rounded, like you do everything, the acrylics, the shellac, the regular manicures, and pedicures. And at the Salon Professional Academy they do full spa manicures and pedicures, meaning they do the scrub as a part, a standard part of it, and a massage as a standard part of it. It's not like an add-on that you pay for. And then they also offer the mask and paraffin. So I wanted to make sure that I went somewhere where they included a lot of different things so that I don't go somewhere and then they expect me to know what something is and I have no idea. And I definitely wanted to go somewhere where I would be well-prepared for the exams. So when we went there and my parents and I were asking them questions, the admissions person, we were asking them questions about like, How will I know where to go next? And how to get my license?  And all that. And we made sure that they were going to give me everything I needed to get there and to register for all of those things and to prepare for it.

Beauty Schools Directory: Would you advise others to take someone with them to tour the school?

Jetvig: Dad was asking things like how to get certified afterwards. I wouldn't have asked that! I would've just assumed, "Oh, that'll just happen." But dad was the one who asked, "How does she do this? And then who will tell her what step to take after this part for getting out there, getting a job, getting ready?" So yeah, definitely a dad who has logic and a business sense in their head.

Beauty Schools Directory: What are your plans for after graduation?

Jetvig: Well, I just finished typing up a resume last night, and it actually doesn't look too terrible. So I want to find a place where I can work part-time. And I don't know if that means just weekends or if it means weekends and a few times in the evenings during the week. Or maybe Fridays because I have Fridays off because I still have to finish my senior year at MSUM, but I definitely want to start at a salon. I really want to get going. It was a lot of fun working with clients. It was so much fun. I want to keep going with that.

Beauty Schools Directory: Any tips on how future nail tech students can be successful?

Jetvig: Definitely try to be available for anything. When you're in school or if you're working with a client, sometimes someone will want you to try something and maybe you don't feel comfortable doing it, but you're in school, try it anyway. And ask people for help. For example, one of my classmates was having trouble with some acrylic nails for this lady who came in for a fill, and one of the teachers came over and just talked her through it step-by-step. You don't have to be embarrassed about it. Just ask for help and just be open to doing whatever it is because that's what you're there for.

Beauty Schools Directory: How has the $2,500 scholarship helped you achieve your career goal?

Jetvig: Well, it basically almost paid for the whole thing and that was really, really nice because I just saw another bill for Mayo [Clinic] and that was huge. So it definitely, definitely helped me go to nail school right now and get everything paid for. Thank you so much for helping me out here and getting me going on this. This is awesome. I love it.

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