Sleek. Slick. Sophisticated

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 05/06/2016 • Hair

Sleek. Slick. Sophisticated

Greetings beauties and Happy Friday!

Fridays are the last day of the week and can also be the busiest day of the entire week. Today's society we have several thing we need to accomplish in a small amount of time. With this Five minute Friday look you can end your week looking and feeling fabulous. Who doesn't want to look awesome at the same time? Today we introduce you to a Sleek & Slick Back Pony Tail that can be professional or even sexy .Take your mind off of your busy schedule and let us guide you with a quick chic hairstyle. 

Submitted by Elizabeth on 05/06/2016 - 16:33

Follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. You only need 3 tools for this style. A smooth paddle brush, an ouchless hair tie and any hair gel of choice.
  2. You can start with wet hair or dry hair. Either way, you can rock this style out and look fabulous.
  3. Start by applying a quarter size amount of gel to your hair smoothing your hair all to the back. Be sure to get you edges and flyaways for that sleek look.
  4. Gather all hair in one hand at the bottom of your neck. Pull hair with medium tension
  5. Take you smooth paddle brush and brush hair going in a backwards motion.
  6. Once you’ve found your style stick to it and use you ouchless band and wrap tightly until hair is secure. Keep the hair higher or lower, which every you prefer.
  7. There are many ways that you can play up this sleek and slick look in seconds. The hair left hanging from your ponytail can stay straight for a professional look. If you decide to spice up your look you can simply add curls to the end of your ponytail. Be bold and own it
  8. To recreate this style and make it unique you can add accessories. This look will be iconic with a headband or hair jewel.

Beauty does not have to be an all day task. With this quick sleek and slick back ponytail, you can get your business done and feel confident too. This look is so simple and quick. You can simply add a nice pair of earrings to give this look your own style. Want to look nice for the weekend in a snap? You don't need much makeup with this look. Add a shade of lipstick or gloss and this style will enhance your facial features. There's not a lot you have to do to create this effortless look which makes this look awesome. Stay strong, chic and gorgeous.

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stay fabulous friends