The Guide to a Top Notch Top Knot

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 05/13/2016 • Hair

Greetings fabulous friends, 

It’s finally Friday, which means it’s time to celebrate! This Friday celebration involves a five minute on the go chic top knot bun.

Submitted by Elizabeth on 05/13/2016 - 15:42

An on the go style that is versatile, quick and easy. Let face it we have busy lives, but Fridays should be a day for work and play. With this quick, classy style, we can complete everyday activities and look nice without worries. Spend your Fridays doing the things you enjoy with the chic top knot bun. The long drawn out beauty process is overrated. With our expertise, we can guide you to create a look that will leave you feeling fabulous.

1. We recommend the hair to be fully dry for this look. Dirty hair will help the bun stay in place better. If your hair is freshly washed, add some hair spray throughout your hair to help give it volume before starting.

2. The materials needed are an ouchless hair band, bobby pins, bristle hair brush, wide tooth comb, fine-tooth comb, and your choice of gel.

3. Begin detangling your hair with your wide tooth comb for a smooth look.

4. Take a quarter size amount of gel and smooth on you roots and edges around your entire head. This will ensure that your hair stays in place and helps to get a clean finish.

5. Grab you bristle brush and brush hair to the top of your head until you're satisfied with the smoothness.

6. Gather all of you hair that's at the top and wrap your ouchless band around your ponytail until it's secure.

7. Your hair should now be in a high ponytail and you are now ready to complete your top knot bun. For a full bun take the hair left out of the ponytail and tease hair with your fine tooth comb.

8. Wrap ponytail hair into a circle motion while applying bobby pins to hold bun into place. Once you have your bun secure, this style is complete and it's time for you to own it!

This five minute Friday look can be beneficial for any women. The chic top knot bun is a classy look that provides versatility. This look can be used on the weekday while you're handling business and even on the weekend when you're out enjoying your life. This look can easily be transformed from business to casual in a snap. Add a jewel hair pin or a flower headband to create your own look. Don’t fuss, don’t fear, get on with it and make this look yours.

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